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Template:Spoiler The Seven Lights is small group of keyblade wielders who are destined to oppose the 13 darkness and create the X-blade in the process. So far there is not much information about it.


During Dream Drop Distance, Master Xehanort revealed that he knew his attmepts to create X-Blade through fusing Ventus and Vanitas together was a hasty attempt and that he had always been searching for a true way to forge it. For this reason he enticed Maleficent into capturing the Princess of Heart guided by his future Heartless Ansem, and upon his creation had his Nobody Xemnas create Organization XIII, attempting to use both groups to obtain the Lights and Darknesses, respectively. His new organization would be the 13 Darkness, while Mickey would form Seven Lights in the future. But, as Ansem failed to possess Riku and Roxas returned to Sora, Master Xehanort's new organization would be one member short so he decided to use Sora. This attempt, too, failed thanks to Lea, Donald and Goofy.

After the 13 Darkness return back to their timelines, Master Xehanort tells that the battle between his 13 Darkness against Seven Lights is meant to happen and that his organization will return back. Because of this threat, Yen Sid and Mickey starts planning on ways to get more protectors for the Princess of Hearts . Mickey counted that Sora , Riku and he would already make three of the seven lights and they would add Aqua, Terra and Ventus, but Master Xehanort said that one of these three is in the 13 Darkness. Now that Lea and Kairi would join them, they would have five of Seven Lights, though anything may happen. Sora , Riku and Mickeyare so far the only three most possible members of the Seven Lights. Template:Spoilerend

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