The Save the King is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II,Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts III. It can be upgraded to the Save the King+. It is the most powerful shield, and requires the most effort to obtain in both games. Unlike other shields, there are different forms of this shield even though it appears in multiple games.


In Kingdom Hearts, the Save the King is a somewhat circular shield with thin, light blue edges, a triangular spike on its top and bottom, and two angular protrusions on its top half. The entire shield is blue, and its face is dominated by a large, elegant, gray heart. Six white, curled wings decorate the sides of the heart, with three on each side. At the very top of the shield is a yellow crown symbol identical to the charm on Sora's necklace.

In Kingdom Hearts II, the Save the King changes dramatically. The main shield is now shaped like a heart with a crown-like crest at its top. Its edges are gold and its face is predominantly light blue. The same elegant heart symbol decorates the face, but in this form it is black with blue highlights. The yellow crown is also present in the same place, just above the heart, though it has a slightly different shape. The main shield is encircled by two large, curved wings that are connected to the sides of the shield by four circular, bright blue gems. These wings are a faint gold color with white lower tips and power blue upper ones.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Save the King+ has an alternate color scheme. Its face is now black, with the heart in its center becoming gold with red highlights. The gems that anchor the wings in place are now orange, while the wings themselves are black with bright red upper tips and dark red lower ones.

"Save the King" is named as a parallel to the Save the Queen staff, which is in turn based on the reoccurring weapon of the same name in the Final Fantasy series.


Kingdom Hearts II

The King Recipe is found in a chest at the Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Row. The Save the King is a rank S synthesis item, and its upgrade is the Save the King+ recipe.

Adding 1 Serenity Crystal upgrades the recipe into the Save the King+.


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