In Halloween Town, Sora takes on the appearance of a vampire. However, in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, whenever he appears in Christmas Town, Sora's attire changes to a black Santa Claus outfit, known as Santa Form.


In his Santa Form, Sora retains the dark, ashen physical appearance, boots, pants, and legs wrappings from his Vampire Form. The rest of his clothing, however, changes radically. His mask is replaced by a large, black hat with a white fur rim and a puff ball on the tip, similar to Santa Claus's that is pulled over the right half of his face.

He wears a black shirt with white fur lining, silver crown buttons lining the front, and a faded, brown belt with a silver buckle around his waist and over the shirt. His arms are shown to be unusually thin and have a slight brown tint to them. His gloves turn black and have white fur lining around the cuffs. Sora's Keyblade is slightly brighter in this form than it is in his Vampire Form.

The color of Sora's hat and the back of his shirt gain a slight tint to match the Drive Form he is currently in. His hat and the back of his shirt also gain a symbol to match the appropriate form. When Sora is in Valor Form, his hat gains a red fleur-de-lis and the shirt is adorned with a thorn pattern. Wisdom Form's hat and shirt both sport a blue flame. Limit Form's hat and shirt both sport a white crown. There is a single gold cross on Master Form's hat, and several more on the shirt. Final Form's hat is emblazoned with a silver, N-shaped rune, and the shirt bears a pair of wings. Anti Form's hat and shirt are both adorned by a stylized Heartless emblem.

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