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Sabor is a character who can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts.

Physical Appearance

Sabor is a large leopard with a slender, strongly built form that allows swift movement. Sabor has mostly yellow fur, except for the fur around his mouth, on the bottoms of his paws, belly, and the tip of his tail, which is white. Sabor's legs and head have black spots on them, while the leopard’s back and shoulders sport yellow-orange markings with black outlines. Sabor possesses yellow eyes, razor sharp claws and six long, black whiskers, divided evenly between both sides of the predator’s upper lip.


Kingdom Hearts

When Sora first arrives in the Deep Jungle, he falls into a wooden tree house and immediately comes face-to-face with Sabor. Being too weak after the fall, Sabor takes a jump on him, but Tarzan comes to the rescue just in time.

Sabor then appears at the Camp in an attempt to kill Sora, Tarzan, Donald, and Goofy. He later appears at the camp again after Clayton attempts to kill Terk. When Sora and his friends go to confront Clayton, they encounter Sabor one final time at the Bamboo Thicket, this last fight results in the leopard finally being defeated and, staring into the sky, sees the light and dies. Afterwards, the world's accessory is obtained, the White Fang.


Sabor first appeared in Walt Disney's 1999 animated feature, Tarzan. In the beginning of the film, Sabor hunts and kills Kerchak and Kala's young son and later goes on to murder the infant Tarzan's parents as well. Lucky enough for Tarzan, Sabor had yet to kill him before Kala discovered him, allowing his the oppurtunity to fend off the predator and rescue the young orphan.

Many years later, after Tarzan had grown into a man, Sabor attacked him and his gorilla family at their nest. In an effort to protect the other gorillas, Kerchak engaged the fearsome leopard in combat, but was overpowered. Tarzan then joined the fight and he managed to kill Sabor, presenting the leopard's corpse to Kerchak in a show of respect.

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