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The Rumbling Rose (ランブリングローズ Ranburingu Rōzu?) is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is acquired during Sora's second trip to Beast's Castle.


The guard and Keychain are rose-like, with thorns and roses that decorate it. The teeth seem to be claws which represents the owner of the rose, the Beast. It could also be to represent how much the Beast wants to protect the Rose. The rose-based design is based on the Beast's Rose.

Rumbling Rose is a pun on "rambling rose", a type of flowering shrub native to Japan and China that was imported into North America and has since become an invasive plant.


With a strength bonus of +5, it is tied with certain other Keyblades for the third highest strength increase. It is especially useful in Valor Form, since it allows an additional finisher to the combo, and the Limit Form, where it allows Sora to follow up on the powerful Zantetsuken finisher with another attack. However, it is not a good Keyblade to use when using magic-based attacks, because it does not give boosts to the Magic stat.

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