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Template:CharacterBoss The Rock Titan is an enemy from Kingdom Hearts.

One of the two titans that made it into Kingdom Hearts, the Rock Titan is the fifth-strongest enemy in the game, beating the Behemoth and succumbing to the Ice Titan. He was the end-boss of the Olympus Coliseum, and the final fight in the Hades Cup. The reward for defeating the Rock Titan is the ability to use the Trinity Limit.

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Kingdom Hearts

Immortal giant in the form of a stone crag. He has two heads, but can only think with one at a time. Defeated once by Hercules, he's now on the loose again, courtesy of Hades.

He shook the scene in "Hercules" (1997).


The Rock Titan has few attacks, they are also not used very often. The first one consists of a ground attack in which he lifts his hands and pounds the ground releasing a large shockwave that can be easily evaded by jumping. The second attack, similar to the first, consists in the Titan lifting one of his feet and stomping it down. The last (and most powerful) attack appears when he's knocked on the ground and Sora gets the chance to attack his heads; with biting similar to Cerberus' the Titan tries to keep Sora's attacks at bay.


Lock on to one of the Rock Titan's big feet and attack it with combos (such as Ars Arcanum and Graviga). When the Rock Titan falls on its back, use the Superglide ability to float to one of the heads and attack from the far side. Be careful though, as the heads will swing at you; Dodge Roll/jump to avoid damage. Beware of the shock waves it releases, a single foot-stomp can deplete more than half of Sora's HP. The suggested magic spells to use in this battle are: Curaga and Aeroga.

However, a somewhat faster plan is to equip a powerful Keyblade (such as Lionheart, Oblivion, or Ultima Weapon), and repeatedly hammer the legs with Arcanum or Sonic Blade until it falls down. Then, just keep using Arcanum on the heads, as it will deal a large amount of damage. Using this method, the only magic you really need is Curaga.


  • Despite being the last fight in the Hades Cup, the Rock Titan is usually considered weak by many players, with the other bosses, such as Hades, being harder to beat then he is.
  • Despite the above trait the Rock Titan has the most health of any bosses fought in Kingdom Hearts. The only boss that comes close is Sephiroth and Hades who both have 1800 HP.
  • The Rock and Ice Titans are the only giants from Hercules to have made an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series. The Wind Titan, Lava Titan, and Cyclops has yet to appear in any of the series, though it may be touched upon in later games.

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