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[[File:CS RockBreaker.png|right]]
'''Rock Breaker''' is a Level 2 [[Command Style]] exclusive to [[Terra]] in ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]'' and ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix]]''. It is activated by using mine-related or edge-related [[Deck Commands]] or Brutal Blast.
While using Rock Breaker, Terra's attacks are significantly more powerful, utilizing jumping attacks and swipes as his Keyblade drags and and smashes against the ground, kicking up dirt along the way. His attacks are powerful enough to inflict Confuse on enemies. The combo finisher consists of Terra flipping in the air and jamming his Keyblade into the ground, causing a piece of earth to jut up from the ground. The finisher consists of Terra summoning three large earth crystals from the ground and sending them to damage enemies.
[[File:Rock Breaker (Terra) KHBBS.png|thumb|250px|Terra using Rock Breaker.]]
When using Rock Breaker, Terra gains a bright brown aura around him. Several rock particles emit from his body as well.
==Obtaining Rock Breaker==
*Terra gains the Command Style after defeating [[Trinity Armor]].
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