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Rise to Fame is a Sitar that can be wielded by Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Rise to Fame+.


The Rise to Fame’s headstock is roughly oval-shaped with pink edges, a small, triangular notch taken out of its tip, and a silver ring superimposed over it. The neck of the Sitar has ridged, indigo edges. Its body is vaguely circular in shape, save for two spikes at its base and two more on its top two corners that curve outward slightly.

It is predominantly pink with indigo edges, though there is a small, lavender section near its base and a diamond-shaped, violet section in its center. The Rise to Fame only seems to have one white string that is anchored to the body by a a simple, dark-colored, rectangular piece.

Its name refers to the "journey" musicians must take to become famous. Its Japanese name may also be a reference to the Japanese rock band, "Road of Major". It could also reference the fact that the weapon performs well in mid-air, hence the "rise", which could have to do with rising into the air.


Rise to Fame's normal ground combo starts with Demyx performing a 360-degree spinning, diagonal slash with the tip of the Sitar, followed by the same attack, but in the opposite direction.

The combo ends with another 360-degree spinning attack, after which, Demyx strums the Sitar, emitting a yellow shockwave which damages any enemies around him. The Y-Combo can be activated after the first or second attack, and it consists of a leap and a series of very fast airborne spinning attacks.

The aerial combo consists of a series of very fast airborne spinning attacks, followed by a downward diagonal slash with the tip of the sitar, and ends with four quick blasts of yellow shockwaves in an outward direction.

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