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The Ring Tank is a type of Nobody Ship that can be found on various Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It does not attack often, doing limited damage.

It is distinguished from its more valuable counterpart, the Mega Tank, by the spiked ring around the barrel. There are also red and gold versions of this enemy that drop treasures when defeated.


A normal Ring Tank has a vaguely cannon-shaped, blue body with light blue highlights and a white Nobody symbol on its front. There are two small, silver spikes on its bottom and a silver ring on its top. This ring is lined by four long, thin, blue spikes. It has two blue and light blue, conical wheels on its sides, both of which have black markings on them.

The Ring Tank's name refers to its spiked ring, as well as tanks, war vehicles that it has vague similarities to.

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