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#REDIRECT [[Command Style]]
[[File:Rhythm Mixer.jpg|right|300px]]
'''Rhythm Mixer''' is a Level 2 [[Command Style]] that can be used by [[Terra]], [[Ventus]], and [[Aqua]] in ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix]]''. It is activated by the use of [[Thunder|Thunder-based]], Surge-based, Mine-based, and Strike-based [[Deck Commands]].
While using Rhythm Mixer, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's attacks uses rhythmic sounds to attack enemies. The finisher consists of the character summoning a "music" set where they disappear into the ground and press either, or to attack enemies with sound as well. The final part of the finisher consists of the character appearing and causing a shockwave to damage enemies nearby.
==Obtaining Rhythm Mixer==
*Terra, Ventus, and Aqua gain the Command Style after earning 140 points in the [[Sticker Album]] or using a memory stick with a ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]'' save file that has the [[Clear Trophy]].
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