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My memories, they'll come back as soon as there's a chance.

Rhyme is a character from The World Ends with You who appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

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Rhyme looks the same as she appeared in The World Ends with You. She dons a black cap (with a tiny skull pin) on top of her neck-length, straight blonde hair. She is seen with an orange shirt with a black skull and crossbones with the skull being shaped as a heart. She also wears a necklace that has a bell as a token. She wears white overalls with the upper part hanging below her upper body. She wears black and yellow shoes and has blue eyes. Template:Sec-stub

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She is seen in the Jump Festa 2012 trailer where she claims she has no memories. However, she says, she's sure her memories will return at the first chance. In the short version of the trailer, she was asked by Sora if she was Neku's partner.

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Rhyme (Art) KH3D

Raimu "Rhyme" Bito is Beat's younger sister, being the latter's partner in Neku's first week of the Reapers' Game and the sister of Neku's final partner of the final week. Despite this, Rhyme had no memories of Beat during the Reapers' Game. She does remember having a brother, but cannot seem to connect it to Beat. On the third day, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme and Neku planned to work together to complete the missions. However, Rhyme is erased by the Reapers and only her pendant is left. Rhyme would later manifest in the game as a rodent-type Noise that Beat keeps with him.

It is later revealed that Beat's entry fee for the game was Rhyme's memories and love for him. Rhyme's entry fee remained unknown. Rhyme lost her life when Beat tried to save her from being hit by a car, an incident which claimed the sibling's lives. Template:Sec-stub

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  • The fact that Rhyme does not have her memories is a reference to the fact that her memories were her brother, Beat's entry fee into the "Reapers Game" in The World Ends with You.
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