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Revolting Scrapbook (おぞましき写本 Ozomashiki Shahon?, lit. "Revolting Manuscript") is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Revolting Scrapbook+.


The Revolting Scrapbook lexicon is identical to the Nefarious Codex, differing only in coloration. It is shaped like a rectangle with curved corners. Its border is a very pale green color and it is lined by black spikes, five on each cover. The spine is decorated by a light green cross that resembles the upper half of the Nobody logo. Its side arms are longer than the other two, and they extend onto the covers. The rest of the lexicon is green with a thin, black outline.

Something that is "revolting" is repulsive or unpleasant. A scrapbook is a book in which personal memorabilia are arranged. A manuscript is a work written by hand, or the original copy of a handwritten work.


The Scrapbook's combo begins with a thrusting sweeping motion, then followed by a move identical to the former. After said move, a Y-Combo is prompted, which upon execution, Zexion will hold the book in front him, open, releasing a burst of darkness to damage enemies. If the combo is continued normally, it will finish with the book waving randomly in front of Zexion, a sword like object protruding from its open pages.

The aerial combo is a simple downward then upward thrust, and finished when Zexion hurls the book away from him, it spinning and injuring enemies before returning to his hands.

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