In Timeless River, Sora's clothes and his appearance turn black and white, and his face, arms, and figure take on characteristics of 1920's cartoon characters in Kingdom Hearts II. This form is called Retro Form. He has no special abilities in this form.

Journal Entry

Kingdom Hearts II

A boy who searches for Riku and the King, his Keyblade opening the road before him.

To save Disney Castle from a thorny fate, Sora passed through Merlin's doorway to a world of black-and-white.


Like other characters in the Timeless River, Sora's Retro Form resembles a stylized version of his earliest incarnation: his original Kingdom Hearts appearance. His clothing is much simpler in this form than it was in his first appearance, sporting almost none of the straps and zippers it originally had. As with almost all characters in the Timeless River, Sora's Retro Form is colored completely in shades of white, gray, and black. His face, arms, and figure have a much more cartoonish look, and more closely match the rubber hose-style of cartoons.

When using most Drive Forms, Sora's physical appearance does not change. Instead, the icon of his head near the HP Bar tints color slightly to reflect the Form he takes. The tint is red for Valor Form, blue for Wisdom Form, purple for Limit Form, yellow for Master Form, and white for Final Form. When Sora enters Anti Form, he becomes a black silhouette with grey eyes, a change that is also reflected in the icon.

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