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The Replica Xehanorts were twelve replicas created from the members of the real Organization XIII, except Master Xehanort.[1]

Physical Appearance

These twelve replicas are capable of altering their appearance to become identical to Master Xehanort, with them initially appearing this way. However, their true appearance soon consists of a black armor covered with a dark purple tunic decorated with red, with clawed gloves, high-heeled boots and a mask of silver goat hiding their faces.


Before Kingdom Hearts III

During his time in Organization XIII, Vexen created a total of 20 replicas as part of his research in creating the perfect vessel for hearts. The first twelve were failures, barely human at all. The following two became Riku Replica and Xion. Prior to his demise, Vexen had nearly perfected the last six to become true vessels once given hearts. While the last six were refined to house the hearts of Ansem, Xemnas, Vanitas, Dark Riku, Xion and Young Xehanort from the past, the initial twelve replicas were ordered to be perfected by Master Xehanort so that they could be used as reserve Seekers of Darkness should the members of the Real Organization XIII prove unsuitable or turn traitor.

Kingdom Hearts III

The Replica Xehanorts appeared to assist Master Xehanort in Scala ad CaelumSora, Donald and Goofy then identify them with remnants of previously vanquished Seekers of Darkness, mainly because of their numbers. But when these Replicas are defeated by the trio, Master Xehanort reabsorbs them in his body, as well as their powers, and covers himself with armor similar to theirs, but much more imposing.

After his armor breaks, Xehanort releases the replicas to stop the Guardians of Light, who are holding off Kingdom Hearts. The replicas attack with their own copies of No Name, sending Lea, Roxas, Xion, Aqua, Terra, Ventus and Riku into keyholes leading to a dark void. A weakened Mickey is empowered by future Sora, blasting the replicas into dark smoke. After Sora helps rescue the Guardians and restore Kairi, the remaining essence of the replicas combines into a copy of Armored Xehanort that attacks Sora and Kairi. After being weakened, the Armored Xehanort replica is destroyed by a combined blast of light from all ten Guardians.


Each Replica Xehanort uses the weapons and powers of a different Organization member, aside from Master Xehanort himself. The replica of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, does not have a physical weapon, and relies on the powers of darkness and the Heartless. The replica of Marluxia also uses a smaller scythe in comparison to the original. Aside from the Keyblades, all Replica Xehanort weapons adopt colors based on themselves.



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