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The Replica Program was a planned series of experiments conducted by Vexen under Xemnas's orders, with the forced help of Naminé during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He attempted to make Replicas of Keyblade wielders Sora and Riku in the event that the original Sora proved to be useless to Xemnas's plans for Kingdom Hearts.

The last of the first replica batch of in the program was the Riku Replica, who was the first successful prototype.[1] Xion, initially known as No. i, was the first finalized Replica, created as part of the second batch.[1] Riku Replica was created and pitted against the two Keyblade wielders ascending the floors of Castle Oblivion before being defeated. However, after Xion's defection and her death by Roxas, Xemnas discontinued the program. In the Secret Reports it mentions another inferior, numberless replica that was taken to Castle Oblivion; hinting that this replica was not made from Sora's leaked memories. The Secret Reports in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days also reveal the existence of other unused replicas.

Realizing the value of replicas, the Replica Program is revived by Master Xehanort, who reinstates Vexen as a reserve member of his new Organization XIII. Through his work, Vexen is able to create nigh-perfect replicas that could pass a full-fledged humans, while supplementing Xehanort with unused replicas from his first couple of batches, updated to act a vessels for the hearts of his time-traveling selves.


First batch

Replica bodies from the first batch and second batch were used by several members of the Real Organization XIII to anchor themselves in the present.

Riku Replica
Riku Replica

Riku Replica, the first success

The Riku Replica was created by Vexen. The purpose of this creation is outlined during the scene in which Vexen discusses with Zexion and Lexaeus as to a method for effectively combating the threat presented by the top floor members of the Organization. To create Riku Replica, Vexen antagonized the real Riku enough to force the boy into a battle with him. During this battle, Vexen was able to gather the data needed from Riku to be able to create a replica of him. Vexen used this replica to fight first Riku, and later Sora inside Castle Oblivion's hallways. The Riku Replica was cursed by the fact that he was a fake, only a copy of someone else, and so fought enthusiastically to destroy Riku, and so claim his own identity. He was later given the same memories as the real Riku, as part of a plan to test Sora. Larxene and Naminé were both important to the effectiveness of this plan, as it was Larxene who restrained the replica when he attempted to resist his fate. Though he fought valiantly against Sora, all in the name of defending Naminé, Riku Replica once again learned the truth that he was, in fact, only an imitation. He was later used by Axel to bring about a weakened Zexion's death in the false thought that by taking the Nobody's life force, he could become his own person. He met his demise by Riku's hand shortly after coming to terms with him, and was swallowed by the darkness after being defeated.

Second batch

Replica bodies from the first batch and second batch were used by several members of the Real Organization XIII to anchor themselves in the present.

Xion 2 KHD

Xion, the first finalized Replica

Xion was created by Vexen from Sora's fragmented memories. Her holding of these memories caused Sora to be unable to awaken from his slumber after the events of Chain of Memories are concluded. Xion, having being created from Sora's memories, was able to wield a Keyblade. This quality was something which Organization XIII had dire need of. A consequence of Xion's existence was that Organization XIII now had within their ranks two members who would somewhat willingly collect hearts for the goal of completing Kingdom Hearts. Xion was, however, never considered as an official member of the Organization, as she never held a seat in Where Nothing Gathers.

She was seen by some as being merely a puppet, with only Roxas and Axel referring to her as a friend, and treating her as they would any other member. Her appearance varied depending on who saw her. For example, Saïx is a prime example of one who saw her as being only a puppet. Xigbar however, saw her as an imitation of Ventus, and both Roxas and Axel saw her as herself, and Xemnas saw her as she truly was, an imperfect copy of Sora. She was eventually destroyed by Roxas, and the Replica Program was stopped shortly after her defeat. It should be noted that in the scene before Roxas fought her in Twilight Town, he also saw her as Sora, though his impression of her reverted to being what it had previously been, immediately after the battle.

Third batch

The first Replica of the third batch was a blank Replica created by for Roxas, unbeknownst to Xehanort.

Replica Xehanorts

The Replica Xehanorts were created as the perfect Replicas, no longer considered Special Nobodies, they were Human in every way.

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