Goofy Reindeer

Reindeer Form is a new form for Goofy in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Although Goofy remains in Frankenstein Form, he takes on the appearance of a reindeer when he visits Christmas Town.


In his Reindeer Form, Goofy takes on the traits of a reindeer. His clothing changes into a reddish-brown suit similar to the one worn by Santa Claus, with white fur lining around the sleeves. He wears a loose, red belt with a gold buckle around his waist and red mittens with green ribbons tied on them. His feet become light tan and have brown hooves, and a green wreath hangs from his neck. Goofy's nose glows orange, reminiscent of the popular Christmas story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Two black, elegantly curled antlers sprout from the top of his head.


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