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The Reindeer of Halloween Town were created by Dr. Finkelstein for Jack to use during Christmas time. Santa Claus also has his own set of reindeer, which Jack's were modeled after, although Jack's are composed of the skeletons of reindeer instead.

Journal entries

Kingdom Hearts II

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

A special set of Halloween-styled reindeer, custom-made by Dr. Finkelstein for Jack. They're just right for pulling Jack's coffin sleigh through the Christmas Eve sky.


Kingdom Hearts II

The reindeer play a small role in Christmas Town. They are only seen twice, once with Santa Claus, and once with Jack Skellington.

Physical appearance

Santa Claus's reindeer have light tan fur and black hooves. They all have long snouts with a small, spherical, red nose on the tip. Their antlers are brown and vertical, and they all wear a green wreath decorated with a gold bell and several red berries around their necks.

Jack Skellington's reindeer are completely skeletal, with white bones and black hooves. They have their own, dark grey wreaths, decorated with golden spheres and a faded red bow on the top of each one. Their antlers are crescent-shaped and face inward.


In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack's skeletal reindeer take him around world to deliver presents, but they are shot down along with his sleigh by the military. Santa's reindeer also appear, pulling his sleigh so he can deliver his presents and remove Jack's evil toys.

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