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Redwood is an Axe Sword that can be wielded by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Lexaeus uses the Redwood when equipped with the Fearless Gear. It can be upgraded to Redwood+.


The Redwood's handle is black with a bronze spike in its pommel and a yellow arrowhead-shaped symbol on its tip. The counterweight is black with a thin red border and silver edges. The blade is black with red edges and is comprised of several large, oblong spikes. It is vaguely reminiscent of Roxas's Ominous Blight Keyblade.

"Redwood" is a name that refers to several different types of trees, some of which are also types of sequoia. A "camellia" is a type of flower, as well as the name of a poem by Rabindranath Tagore.


The Redwood's ground combo starts with a quick, one-handed thrust that resembles a guard or block-like motion, followed by a one-handed upward diagonal slash. The same movements are performed a second time before the combo ends with a powerful, two-handed downward slam.

The aerial combo consists of a two-handed upward slash followed by a powerful, two-handed downward slam. This weapon has no Y-Combo.

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