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Red Armor
Red Armor render
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji レッドアーマー
Romaji Reddo Āmā
Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Red Armor's Gallery

Kingdom Hearts

A giant Heartless similar to the Guard Armor.

It splits into the Armored Torso, Gauntlets, and Hammer Legs, each with the ability of individual movement. Each body part can be found heading a team in the Coliseum tournament.



The Red Armor is a Heartless who can be fought as in Olympus Coliseum matches in Kingdom Hearts, but remains without a name until Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Kingdom Hearts

The various pieces of a Red Armor appear throughout the Phil Cup, and a final Red Armor appears in the Hades Cup. In the original version of Kingdom Hearts, these Heartless were simply named Guard Armor.

Physical Appearance

The Red Armor's body is divided into several pieces — a body, a head, two arms, and two legs — none of which are directly connected to each other and all of which can act independently of the other. The Armored Torso is vaguely hour glass-shaped. It is coloured magenta with a light grey, diamond pattern around its waist, and has dark pink additives on it. The Heartless emblem is emblazoned on the center of the armor.

Its head is magenta, spherical, and sports one silver spike, two red ones, and a silver faceplate with several holes in it. Both of the Gauntlets are magenta with wide wrists and three silver, segmented fingers. The Hammerlegs are short, magenta, and ends in large, hammer-like, black feet. All of the pieces of the Red Armor seem to be hollow.


The Red Armor's name clearly references its reddish coloration and its armored body.

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