The Reaper is a high-ranking Nobody controlled by Marluxia that is found in Kingdom Hearts III.


Reapers appear in two different forms; an idle form and an offensive form.

When idle, or when taking a defensive stance, Reapers appear as a large, silvery-white flower bud. They have long, pointed petals shaped similar to the spikes of the Nobody emblem, which flow naturally into a short, twisted stem that splays out into roots with the same spiked shape.

When offensive, the petals of the bud open, revealing a humanoid head and torso, wearing a jacket with oversized pointed shoulders and a long pointed hood of faded pink. It also wears wide, elbow-length gloves that fade from pink to white. In battle, it wields a scythe similar to Marluxia's, with a large, pink blade with an upturned tip and multiple spikes resembling the Nobody emblem sprouting from the back of the blade and at the bottom of the handle.





  • The name "Reaper" is derived from the Final Fantasy Grim Reaper entity.
    • They are also the only high-ranking Nobodies not named after a job class.
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