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Reality Shift (リアリティシフト Riariti Shifuto?) is a gameplay mechanic which first appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It can be used to perform actions which enhance gameplay. Examples of this include attacks and access to alternative movement methods. Each world included in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has a minimum of one Reality Shift type associated with it. When a Reality Shift is activated, Sora or Riku will dive downwards into the touch screen; from here, the Reality Shift is controlled solely on the touch screen.

Certain Keyblades make it easier or more difficult to trigger Reality Shifts during battle within the game. The Knockout Punch, Counterpoint, Ultima Weapon and Unbound Keyblades all provide a boost in the chance to trigger a Reality Shift, while the Ferris Gear, All for One and End of Pain give a lowered chance to trigger the gameplay mechanic.


A Reality Shift can be activated by swiping down on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen when presented with downward-facing arrows, or by simultaneously pressing X and A. When a Reality Shift can be performed, a pink, oval-shaped figure will appear over an enemy or object within the game that the Reality Shift can be performed on.