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The Warp Snipe Reaction Command as it appears in the Xigbar boss battle

A Reaction Command is a feature introduced in Kingdom Hearts II, intended to extend the level of combat. By pressing Triangle at certain moments in battle (or occasionally outside of battle), Sora will perform a specific action, which is indicated by the title of the command. These reactions are mostly combat maneuvers that are used to gain the upper hand on enemies, though they are also used to talk to people and open chests, among other interactions.

Occasionally, some Reaction Commands must be completed in order to end the battle. Interestingly enough, almost none of the Reaction Commands require that the player press triangle the moment it appears; in Kingdom Hearts II, the player suffers no penalties by pressing Triangle in anticipation until a reaction command is initiated. There are only three commands in the entire game that penalize such action. This contrasts Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, wherein if the player presses Triangle during a Sleight when the prompt is not available, the Sleight will immediately cancel.

Non-Battle Reaction Commands

Talk + Variations

Used to talk to NPCs. Sora can talk to his party members at certain points in the game, when they are not moving together with him. Some examples are at the Altar of Naught in The World That Never Was, and when on the Interceptor or the Black Pearl in Port Royal. Certain pieces of dialogue provide hints towards objectives and other future developments (e.g. talking to Chien-Po after clearing all three of Shang's assignments makes him bring up whirlwinds that are later introduced), and can even give the player themselves tips for upcoming battles (e.g. hinting towards weaknesses in a boss or potential reaction command opportunities). Objective locations are marked in red text as supplementary reminders.

Variations of the "Talk" command, such as "Approach" and "Interrogate", initiate story-progressing cutscenes.


Used to inspect inanimate objects, among other things. Sora brings up short descriptions, analyses, or deductions of examined objects/scenarios.


Sora or Roxas uses the Keyblade and/or the Struggle weapon to open chests. Unlike in Kingdom Hearts, this can also be done during battle, and is performed notably faster.


Mount a skateboard.


Access a Save Point.

In-battle Reaction Commands

Nobodies/Organization XIII

General Nobodies

Certain reaction commands are available between certain bosses and their respective Nobodies, as such they have been placed in the same categories as the Boss itself.

  • Reversal

Sora using Reversal.

Sora or Roxas performs a quick 180° clockwise or counterclockwise slide around the Dusk, confusing all Dusks in the area and leaving them open to attack. If Creepers are also in the vicinity, they become confused as well.
Used Against: Dusks and Creepers
  • Fail-Safe
Sora grabs an Assassin that is about to self-destruct and throws it into the ground. This destroys the Assassin while dealing damage to nearby enemies and forcing other Assassins to emerge from the ground into the air. All Assassins affected are temporarily left in a dazed and damaged state, visibly seizing up.
Used Against: Assassin
  • Duel Stance
Time stops and the area darkens while Sora and the Samurai in question enter unique fighting stances as cherry blossom petal float around them. All of Sora's commands are changed into question marks ("?") for a short period before one of them suddenly changes into "The End". Sora must select "The End" fast enough to slash cleanly through the Samurai and damage surrounding enemies with the delayed explosion. However, if Sora fails to activate the attack in time, the Samurai will slash through Sora himself and deal massive damage.
In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Roxas will initiate a similar duel with Sora using a similar function during their battle. If Sora succeeds, he will knock Roxas high into the air and temporarily steal his Keyblades, having them assist in his own attacks until Roxas has a chance to reclaim them. If Roxas succeeds, Sora receives tremendous damage and knocked into the air.
Used against: Samurai (and Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix)
  • Begin Game
Begins game in which the player has to hit the menu command O. Three commands change to X and one to O, and they rotate through the menu. If the player selects an X or takes too long, Sora is turned into a card.
used against: Gambler
  • Stop Dice
Begins game where player has to hit Triangle on O as the Reaction Command toggles between the O and an X. If the player selects an X or takes too long, Sora is turned into a die.
used against: Gambler
  • Berserk
Sora grabs a Berserker's or Saïx's Claymore as it carries him into the air. Sora appears to struggle with holding and controlling it, indicated by his shaking and the red and black aura surrounding his head indicating a berserk-like state. The player can then control the weapon with Sora grasping it tightly. Any nearby enemy will be pulled by the weapon not unlike the effect of a Magnet spell. After a short period, the Reaction Command "Eclipse" available.
  • Eclipse: Sora flips with the stolen claymore, hitting enemies caught and slowly lifting him higher into the air. He may do this two more times before "Magna Storm" becomes available.
  • Magna Storm: A follow-up command after the use of Eclipse reaction command attack. Sora spins with the weapon wildly, rapidly damaging all enemies caught by the previous attacks. This command also neutralizes Saïx's Berserk state, making it tantamount to progress through the boss battle against him. (Used against: Berserker and Saïx)

Used against: Berserker and Saïx

Organization Bosses

Below is the list of all Organization XIII and Nobody Bosses with Reaction Commands; note that some of these characters are only available in Final Mix.

  • Dispel (Zexion)
When trapped in the lexicon's pocket dimension, Sora strikes the real lexicon that Zexion is hiding in, freeing himself from the pocket arena inside the book.
Used against: Zexion's Absent Silhouette and Zexion's Replica Data

  • Merge
Sora grabs one of the Larxene by the wrist and throws her into the air. He then grabs the other, also by the wrist, and spins her around, lifting her up off the floor. He then hurls her at the other as the double falls back down, causing the two to forcibly merge and stunning Larxene for a short time.
Used against: Larxene's Absent Silhouette and Larxene's Replica Data

  • Break (Vexen)

Sora breaking free from Vexen's ice block

When trapped by Vexen in a block of ice, by repeatedly tapping Triangle, Sora can break free before Vexen can unleash an attack.
Used against: Vexen's Absent Silhouette and Vexen's Replica Data

  • Mega Impact
Sora leaps back as his Power Level increases to an amount 100 points greater than Lexaeus's (equal if Lexaeus's power is 99999, the maximum). Sora then slides quickly into or behind Lexaeus, slamming him with a massive uppercut using the Keyblade and stunning him for awhile.
Used Against: Lexaeus's Absent Silhouette and Lexaeus's Replica Data

  • Restore Count
Sora knocks Marluxia's scythe out of his hands with the Keyblade into the air. After jumping up and grabbing the scythe, Sora slices Marluxia a few times, knocking him off his feet. Sora then flings the scythe towards Marluxia, damaging him and earning back thirteen countdown numerals (less with each use during the Data fight).
Used against: Marluxia's Absent Silhouette and Marluxia's Replica Data
  • Aerial Strike

Sora using Aerial Strike

Sora runs at Marluxia, causing him to try to slash at him with a downward strike. Sora jumps over said slash and lands on top of the scythe. He then jumps again, knocks Marluxia into the air with three horizontal strikes, then lands and backswings him away, dealing heavy damage.
Used against: Marluxia's Absent Silhouette and Marluxia's Replica Data

  • Burst Edge
When Axel unleashes one of his two surprise attacks reappearing from the flame wall, Roxas/Sora responds by leaping backward to dodge and throwing a Keyblade at him to knock him towards them.
Used against: Axel in the basement of the Simulated Twilight Town and Axel's Replica Data
  • Overtake
After Axel is knocked into the air, Roxas/Sora leap at him as the two clash weapons in an aerial duel. In the Data Battle, Overtake becomes available only after Burst Edge is used.
Used Against: Axel in the basement of the Simulated Twilight Town and Axel's Replica Data
  • Clear Light
Continuing from Overtake, Roxas/Sora pounce Axel into the ground, causing multiple pillars of light to form and forcing the fire floor back to normal.
Used Against: Axel in the basement of the Simulated Twilight Town and Axel's Replica Data

Twilight Thorn
  • Reversal (Twilight Thorn)
Roxas narrowly dodges the Twilight Thorn's thorn attack, making him fly closer to its head where he can deal damage.
Used against: Twilight Thorn
  • Key Counter

Roxas using Key Counter.

After being bound by the Twilight Thorn, Roxas responds to an impending punch from the massive Nobody by breaking one arm and one leg free in time to dodge, then retaliates by slashing its face.
Used Against: Twilight Thorn
  • Lunarsault
After being thrown into the air by the Twilight Thorn, Roxas narrowly vaults over its arm and slashes it in the head while coming down to avoid getting smacked into the ground.
Used against: Twilight Thorn
  • Break Raid
After tipping Roxas off the pillar, the Twilight Thorn creates a giant orb in an attempt to catch Roxas in a devastating attack. The reaction command allows Roxas to counter by throwing the Keyblade into the orb, causing it to explode and stun the Twilight Thorn.
Used against: Twilight Thorn

  • Show Stealer

Sora using Show Stealer.

Demyx sidesteps towards Sora as if having fun. If Sora hits him, Demyx counters by smacking him with his sitar after a short solo. The Reaction Command allows Sora to use his Keyblade to mimic a microphone while Demyx plays, before ducking under the anticipated attack and uppercutting him into the air with a backhanded Keyblade strike.
Used against: Demyx's in Hollow Bastion and Demyx's Replica Data
  • Wild Dance
Sora grabs a Water Form to hit other Forms up to three times. The third time causes him to swing it around his head, attacking surround water forms in the area, before throwing the spinning Form and causing it to draw all other Forms towards it. It can also be used against Demyx during his boss fight himself, forcing him into Sora's attack range. The reaction command is reintroduced during the battle against Armored Xemnas's first form, where it is called "Water Dance".
Used Against: Demyx's Water Forms

  • Learn (Xaldin)
After blocking an attack from either Xaldin or a Dragoon Nobody, Sora can internalize their Highwind-like attack, allowing him to copy their "Jump" ability to leap into the air and come down onto a foe instantaneously with a downward stab. As Jump replaces the Attack command, Sora cannot perform regular attacks after Learn is used, but can hold up to nine "Jump"s at any given time. Note that Magic can still be used freely.
Used Against: Xaldin and Xaldin's Replica Data

  • Break (Xigbar)
When Xigbar attempts to snipe Sora with his high-speed bullet, Sora can reflect it back at him with a timed Keyblade swipe, also allowing access to Warp Snipe.
Used against: Xigbar and Xigbar's Replica Data
  • Warp Snipe (Xigbar)
Sora warps in front of an arrowgun bolt and deflects it back at Xigbar. Can be used three times in succession. This reaction command is used on both Xigbar's high-speed sniper shot as well as his charge blue shot.
Used Against: Xigbar and Xigbar's Replica Data

  • Begin Game (Luxord)
Begins game in which the player has to hit the menu command O. Three commands change to X and one to O, and they rotate through the menu. If the player fails, Sora is turned into a card. During the Data Battle, the rotation randomly slows down and speeds up, and never truly slows.
When Luxord uses his final attack, he performs a variation of this at the end, wherein Sora must turn all four commands in the command menu, each individually toggling between O's and X's, into O's. During the Data Battle, the more O's Sora lands, the faster the remaining command slots toggle.
Used against: Luxord and Luxord's Replica Data
  • Flip
Allows Sora to flip Luxord's assisting cards face-forward, banishing the card while triggering any effect it may have attached to it. A card with a twisting black clock will reduce Luxord's Time Gauge by a small amount, but a card with a sharp red clock will explode to damage Sora while reducing his own Time.
Used against: Luxord's cards

  • Berserk (Saïx)

Sora using Berserk.

After Saïx launches one of his claymores, or if Sora successfully blocks normal melee attack, Sora grabs the claymore as it carries him into the air. He appears to struggle with holding it, indicated by his shaking and the red and black aura surrounding his head indicating a berserk state. The player can then control the weapon with Sora holding it tightly. After a short period, the Reaction Command becomes available again. Using it again results in Sora flipping with the claymore.
  • Eclipse
Sora flips with the claymore, hitting Saïx if in range. If he fails to hit Saïx, the next command will not become available and the claymore will disappear. If he succeeds in hitting Saïx, Sora may use Eclipse two more times before "Magna Storm" becomes available.
  • Magna Storm: A follow-up command after the use of Eclipse reaction command attack. Sora spins with the weapon wildly, rapidly hitting Saïx. This command is also tantamount in neutralizing Saïx's Berserk state, and deals massive damage to him otherwise.
Used Against: Saïx and Berserker
Dragoon Ship
  • Slicer
When facing a rising block from the skyscrapers, Sora flies and slices through all skyscrapers in his path with three quick slashes. After landing, he opens his eyes and the buildings fall apart.
Used against: Xemnas and the Dragoon Ship in The World That Never Was
  • Escablade
When the Dragoon Ship attempts to drop buildings on Sora's location, Sora jumps upward and cleanly slashes through one of them before leaping forward towards the ship, granting access to the "Skyscraper" reaction command.
  • Skyscraper: Sora leaps past the rest of the skyscraper blocks, slashing them as he passes by while heading towards the Castle when facing Xemnas in The World That Never Was. The farther he is, the more the reaction command must be used.
Used against: Xemnas and the Dragoon Ship in The World That Never Was
  • Stunt Dodge
Sora makes a high leap and jumps to the other cannon. This Reaction Command is used to escape the attacks of the cannon and therefore massive damage. If one cannon has already been destroyed, Sora makes a high leap and jumps to the nearby railing to avoid getting caught in its destruction, and jumps back. If Sora fails the Stunt Dodge command when one of the cannons is destroyed, it will result in an immediate Game Over.
Used against: Xemnas and the Dragoon Ship in The World That Never Was
  • Riding Shot
Sora and Riku lock onto one of the floating skyscraper blocks. Riku fastens onto it before Sora bats it towards the Nobody Dragoon Ship, temporarily breaking open the ship's wing shield.
  • Meteor Rain: In response to the Dragoon Ship slamming and fortifying its shield again, Riku executes a 180° slash that breaks the skyscraper block, launching the debris towards the Dragoon Ship and successfully breaking the shield.
Used against: Xemnas and the Dragoon Ship in The World That Never Was

  • Facedown
Sora forcefully breaks Xemnas's Invitation to Nothingness curse, then rushes up the side of the tower while Xemnas jumps down from the top. (The next reaction command is determined by how far apart Sora and Xemnas are when the player activates it. If nothing is pressed, Xemnas strikes Sora twice with his blades, before kicking him and finally sending him falling to the ground with another strike).
  • Clash: Sora swings at Xemnas too early, allowing Xemnas to dodge the attack and continue falling downward unharmed. The two only glance at each other, mimicking the action taken by Roxas and Riku during their battle.
  • Break Through: Sora attacks at the correct time, forcing Xemnas to defend and causing them to meet weapons on the skyscraper's screen. Sora the ducks under a slash, blocks another that positions him behind Xemnas, and knocks him away with a backswing, dealing moderate damage.
  • Finish: Sora attacks at the perfect time, forcefully slamming his Keyblade into Xemnas's torso before knocking him downward and dashing in pursuit. With Xemnas left stunned and falling, Sora, falling parallel to him and upside-down, proceeds to smack him in the face with the Keyblade several times before delivering a two-handed strike that smashes him into the side of the building, dealing massive damage.
Used against: Xemnas
  • Defend
When Xemnas kicks Sora's Keyblade out of his hand, Riku throws it towards him and the two block his incoming attack. Defend allows the two to narrowly avoid a spinning attack, while failing deals damage to both of them.
Used against: Xemnas
  • Rescue
After Sora is trapped by Xemnas, Riku leaps up and frees Sora from Xemnas's grip, locking hands. Riku smacks Xemnas twice with his Keyblade's guard, before spinning and throwing him away, leaving him stunned as control switches back to Sora.
Used against: Xemnas
  • Reflect

Sora and Riku using Reflect.

Sora and Riku rapidly deflect the barrage of Ethereal Blades shot by Xemnas. In order to survive the attack, both Triangle (Riku) and X (Sora) (or Circle in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) must be rapidly pressed for an extended period of time.
Used against: Xemnas
  • Reversal
Sora flies around to Xemnas's blindside.
Used against: Dusk, Creeper, Twilight Thorn, or Xemnas


General Heartless and Non-Heartless

Below are all the Reaction Commands available to Sora for all the non-boss Heartless. The Reaction Commands below are alphabetical by Heartless.

  • Rapid Blow
Countering the Aerial Knocker's wind-up retaliation punch, Lion Sora attacks it while rolled up into a ball, up to three times. Since this causes the Aerial Knocker to attempt another retaliating punch, Sora can repeatedly use again in a loop until the Aerial Knocker is slain.
Used Against: Aerial Knocker in Pride Lands (after attacking it)
  • Air Twister
Countering the Air Pirate's long-distance diving kick, Sora grabs it and spins it around using its momentum, drawing all enemies and entities before knocking it away.
Used against: Air Pirate
  • Rising Sun

Sora using Rising Sun.

In response to an Armored Knight attacking or blocking its attacks, Sora rises into the air and dashing through it Keyblade-forward up to five times, dealing massive damage to anything in his path.
Used against: Armored Knight (after it initiates an attack or after Sora defends an attack)
  • Bolt Reversal
After a Bolt Tower traps Sora with a bolt laser from its antenna, Sora breaks free and reflects the bolt back at it by tapping Triangle repeatedly, generating an explosion that damages nearby enemies and breaks the Bolt Tower's antenna, stunning it. Failing the Reaction Command results in Sora getting shocked at rapid intervals.
Used against: Bolt Tower
  • Capsule Prize
Sora cranks a Bright Shard (Serenity Shard in Final Mix) and some HP, MP, Munny, and Drive orbs out of a Bulky Vendor, slaying it in the process. It will also have a small chance of dropping an Orichalcum. (available when 100-75% of the Bulky Vendor's HP is left).
Used against: Bulky Vendor
  • Rare Capsule
Sora cranks a Bright Stone (Serenity Stone in Final Mix) and a moderate amount HP, MP, Munny, and Drive orbs out of a Bulky Vendor, slaying it in the process. It will also have a decent chance of dropping an Orichalcum (available when 74-50% of the Bulky Vendor's HP is left).
Used against: Bulky Vendor
  • Limited Capsule
Sora cranks a Bright Gem (Serenity Gem in Final Mix) and a hefty amount of HP, MP, Munny, and Drive orbs out of a Bulky Vendor, slaying it in the process. It will also have a moderate chance of dropping an Orichalcum (available when 49-25% of the Bulky Vendor's HP is left).
Used against: Bulky Vendor
  • Prime Capsule
Sora cranks a Bright Crystal (Serenity Crystal in Final Mix) and a massive amount of HP, MP, Munny, and Drive orbs out of a Bulky Vendor, slaying it in the process. It will also have a great chance of dropping an Orichalcum (available when 24-1% of the Bulky Vendor's HP is left).
Used against: Bulky Vendor
  • Root Ravager
In response to the Creeper Plant's retaliating root attack, Sora grabs the exposed root and pulls it, uprooting all Creeper Plants in the area and damaging nearby enemies with a shockwave. Failure results in Sora getting tripped by the root.
Used against: Creeper Plant
  • Heal Stomp
In response to a Crescendo's attempt to heal itself and its allies, Sora jumps and stomps on it, generating large HP orbs and healing the party instead (The amount of HP restored is equal to Sora's Magic stat multiplied by 30).
Used against: Crescendo
  • Clear Shot
In response to a Fortuneteller's attempt to freeze Sora when low on health, Sora takes the timer when it reaches 1 and shoots it back (or at his target), causing it to ricochet among some enemies in the vicinity. Failure results in Sora getting frozen for a short period, leaving him vulnerable.
Used against: Fortuneteller
  • Bat Cry
Countering a Hook Bat's attack, Sora latches the Keyblade onto its hook, then spins it wildly while airborne, hitting surrounding enemies before throwing it away.
Used against: Hook Bat
  • Lance Tug
In response to the Lance Soldier's cursed lance going berserk and flying, Sora grabs onto the lance along with the soldier and rides it, hitting surrounding enemies. The attack finishes by Sora guiding the lance into the ground, damaging the soldier and generating a shockwave that also damages nearby enemies.
Used against: Lance Soldier
  • Full Swing
After a Large Body or Fat Bandit is knocked into the air by a finisher, reflecting a Fat Bandit's fireballs, or the Kickback reaction command, Sora swings the Keyblade with all his might into it, sending it flying a long way. This can also hit enemies that are at point-blank range from Sora. The Kickback reaction command allows Full Swing to be used even if the Large Body is slain beforehand.
Used against: Large Body and Fat Bandit
  • Guard
Countering the tackles that a Large Body performs in its berserk state, Sora puts up a quick Guard that stops it in its tracks, granting access to the Kickback reaction command.
Used against: Large Body
  • Kickback: Sora stabs the vulnerable Large Body five times with alternating Keyblade and fist, before knocking it into the air and allowing Full Swing to be used. (Used against: Large Body)
  • Rodeo
After a Living Bone attacks, Lion Sora can leap onto its head and guide it, causing it to flail around generating shockwaves that damage enemies close by.
Used against: Living Bone
  • Grand Cross: A few seconds after Rodeo is activated, Lion Sora forces it high into the air, flipping it backwards and causing it to slam headfirst into the ground, destroying its head and generating a massive shockwave. (Used against: Living Bone)
  • Quick Blade
In response to a Magnum Loader's retaliating, lightning-fast charge, Sora matches its speed to reappear behind it and strike it away.
Used against: Magnum Loader
  • Dodge Roll
In response to a Minute Bomb's self-detonation, Sora rolls out of harm's way.
Used against: Minute Bomb
  • Bump
Countering the body slam that a Morning Star performs when low on health, Sora puts his Keyblade up to block and bounce it upward, granting access to the Meteor Strike reaction command.
Used against: Morning Star
  • Meteor Strike: Sora physically grabs the Morning Star and slams it into the ground, causing it to bounce and take damage while generating a small shockwave that damages surround enemies. This can be done in succession until Sora is interrupted or the Morning Star itself is slain.
Used against: Morning Star
  • Wind Dance
In response to a Neoshadow's joint aerial attack, Sora leaps into the air and swings his Keyblade around multiple times before spinning it rapidly, damaging all Neoshadows performing the attack as well as any airborne enemies caught.
Used against: Neoshadow
  • Speed Trap
In response to the Rapid Thruster's joint charge attack. Sora spins his Keyblade in hand in front of him to stop any incoming Rapid Thrusters, granting access to the Aero Blade reaction command.
  • Aero Blade: Sora spins his Keyblade around his body, generating a wind-like energy that heavily damages all Rapid Thrusters in the area, as well as surrounding enemies.
Used against: Rapid Thruster (Used against: Rapid Thruster)
  • Dispel (Shaman)
Countering the blue flame curse that Shamans place on him, Lion Sora leaps forward and widens the distance between him and the enclosing flames. This causes the flames to damage nearby enemies, and if done quickly enough, dispels the flame and causes them to spin rapidly around Sora to deal massive damage to any enemy close to him. Failure results in Sora getting burned by the blue flames.
Used against: Shaman
  • Shift Shot
In response to a Silver Rock's teleporting attack, Sora grabs it with his Keyblade and launches it at his target, causing the two to collide in the explosion.
Used against: Silver Rock (Cannot be used in the Pride Lands)
  • Cyclone
Countering a Soldier's retaliating sliding kick, Sora jumps backward before diving over the Soldier, using his Keyblade to knock it into the air along with any enemies in his path.
Used against: Soldier
  • Snag
In response to any of the Surveillance Robot's projectile attacks, Sora leaps up and grabs it from behind, granting access to the Sparkle Ray reaction command.
Used against: Surveillance Robot
  • Sparkle Ray

Sora using Sparkleray

Sora spins in a circle as the Surveillance Robot fires a very powerful laser beam, effectively destroying or massively damaging all surrounding enemies and covering almost 360°.
Used against: Surveillance Robot
  • Tornado Ride
Countering a Tornado Step's spinning attack, Sora grabs hold of it and rides it with Keyblade extended, damaging enemies while control is given to the player to maneuver about. Sora then sends the Tornado Step away with a spin. There is a glitch where if Sora comes in contact with an upward incline, the reaction command is instantly canceled without finishing. Likewise, Sora and the Tornado Step may float if they reach a downward incline or platform edge.
Used against: Tornado Step
  • Backshuffle
In response to the delayed three-hit axe combo by the Undead Pirate A, Sora dodges backwards, granting him access to the High Counter reaction command.
Used against: Undead Pirate A
  • High Counter: Sora, still airborne from the last dodge, strikes the Undead Pirate A away with a two-handed swing. (Used against: Undead Pirate A)
  • Return Fire
Sora counters the shots fired by Undead Pirate C by holding his Keyblade up to his face, causing the shots to reflect back.
Used against: Undead Pirate C

Heartless and Non-Heartless Sub-Bosses

  • Release - Thresholder/Shadow Stalker
Sora uses the power of light from the Keyblade to instantly defeat the Gargoyle Warrior or Gargoyle Knight once their Possessor is exposed. Also used against the Thresholder to draw out the real target, a larger Possessor, and against the Shadow Stalker to drive it out of the columns and chandelier.
Used against: Gargoyle Warrior, Gargoyle Knight, Thresholder, and Shadow Stalker


Firagun allows Sora to counter the Volcanic Lord's body slam attack by catching the Heartless on his Keyblade, before spinning it. A second input sends the Volcanic Lord flying into the Blizzard Lord.
Blizzagun allows Sora to counter the Blizzard Lord's ice breath attack by jumping up and stopping the flow with his Keyblade. A second input sends the Blizzard Lord deflating and flying into the Volcanic Lord.
Used Against: Blizzard Lord or Volcanic Lord
  • Inside Combo - Prison Keeper
When the Prison Keeper attempts to swallow Lock, Shock, and/or Barrel to power up, Sora leaps in first and deals a number of blows from inside, stunning the Prison Keeper and leaving it open to attack.
Used against: Prison Keeper
  • Call - Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
When Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed attempt to attack Timon and Pumbaa, Sora calls the two over his location, resulting in the hyenas colliding when they charge.
Used against: Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
  • Freeze - Hostile Program
After Sora fills the Cluster Gauge with the Cluster orbs dropped from the Hostile Program, he proceeds to use the Keyblade to halt the program's movement for a moment, leaving it vulnerable.
Used against: Hostile Program
  • Capture - Lock, Shock, and Barrel
After any one of Lock, Shock, and Barrel have been incapacitated, Sora can knock one of the empty boxes in the room to capture them.
Used against: Lock, Shock, or Barrel

Heartless and Non-Heartless Major Bosses

These are Bosses that are encountered through the story that are being controlled by Organization XIII or Maleficent/Pete to become Heartless, or are generally Heartless on their own.

  • Press
After Sora and Shan-Yu lock blades when Sora blocks any of Shan-Yu's attacks, Press allows Sora to push against Shan-Yu via tapping Triangle repeatedly. Eventually, Sora breaks open Shan-Yu's guard, granting access to the Takedown reaction command. Failure results in Shan-Yu himself breaking open Sora's guard and knocking him away for heavy damage.

Sora using Press against Shan-Yu in Kingdom Hearts II

Used against: Shan-Yu
  • Takedown: Sora spins while jumping, dodging Shan-Yu's sweep attack, as he delivers a full-swing that knocks him away. (Used against: Shan-Yu)
  • Wake Up!
Sora allows Cogsworth to stun Beast by having him ring his bell with a flash of light, leaving Beast open to attacks.
Used against: Beast
  • Charge
Once Beast is incapacitated, Sora augments Cogworth's bell with the power of light by tapping Triangle repeatedly, granting access to the Get Up! reaction command. Failure results in the attack canceling.
Used against: Beast
  • Get Up!: Sora and Cogsworth unleash the augmented bell ring, creating a flashing heart effect with the sound wave. This breaks Beast's rage, ending the battle. (Used against: Beast)
Dark Thorn
  • Step Vault
Once the invisible Dark Thorn cowers when hit with a finisher, Sora leaps up and launches off its back, allowing him to reach the chandelier above and granting access to the Catch reaction command.
Used against: Dark Thorn
  • Catch: Sora lands on the chandelier, dropping it it the floor and knocking the Dark Thorn away if it is caught, and granting access to the Pendulum Round reaction command. Failure results in Sora missing the chandelier and landing on the floor.
    • Pendulum Round: Sora swings the chandelier around, hitting the Dark Thorn and forcing it to become visible again. Failure results in the chandelier reclining back to the ceiling. (Used against: Dark Thorn)
  • Slingshot
After Dark Thorn throws Sora towards a column, Sora uses the momentum to recover, rounding the pillar and sending himself spinning rapidly back in the Dark Thorn's direction, dealing massive damage. Failure results in Sora merely slamming into the column.
Used against: Dark Thorn
  • Evade
When Cerberus traps Sora between its outer heads, Sora uses his Keyblade to stop the center head's bite attack via forcing its mouth open, granting access to the Jump! reaction command. Failure results in Sora getting bitten once before stopping the attack.
Used against: Cerberus
  • Jump!: When the right head attempts to bite at Sora, he uses the force from the center head's biting strength to launch himself high into the air by pulling his Keyblade out, dodging the attack and granting access to the Dog Paddle reaction command. Failure results in Sora getting bitten before performing the leap. (Used against: Cerberus)
    • Dog Paddle: After Sora charges up, he delivers a fast and powerful two-handed downward strike on Cerberus's center head, stunning the beast and leaving it open to attack. Failure results in the attack simply canceling and Sora falling to the ground. (Used against: Cerberus)
  • Pinball
Sora responds to Pete's spherical barrier by leaping and knocking him towards Hercules, who then delivers a punch strong enough to break the shield open and stun him.
Used against: Pete when Hercules is in the party
  • About-Face
Sora responds to Timeless River Pete running around in fright by using the Keyblade to guide him into tripping. During the battle against modern Pete, Sora guides Timeless River Pete into modern Pete to stun him, resulting in Timeless River Pete pointing and laughing.
Used against: Pete
  • Air Slash
After the Building Site's scaffolding becomes unstable and launches Sora and enemies into the air, Sora performs a spinning slash with the Keyblade rotating around him like a propeller to damage all enemies caught.
Used against: Pete
  • Phil One-Two
During the three-head phase, Sora leaps from the Hydra's back into the sky as Phil throws a large urn, granting access to the Urninator reaction command.
Used against: Hydra
  • Urninator: Sora bats the urn into the Hydra's back, temporarily stunning the heads and leaving them vulnerable to further attack. Failure results in Sora not delivering the batting swing and falling to the ground. (Used against: Hydra)
  • Pegasus Run
During the seven-head phase, Sora responds to the Hydra's head slam attacks by jumping on and riding Pegasus to avoid the attack, granting access to a series of Attack reaction commands.
Used against: Hydra

Sora using the Attack reaction command

  • Attack: Sora slashes at a head while Pegasus flies past, up to seven times. Failure results in the attacks not delivering. (Used against: Hydra)
  • Vanquish
After one of the Hydra's head's health is depleted, Sora, in a blindingly quick motion, slashes through it in one stroke. After a small delay, the head is instantly decapitated. Failure to sever a head in time results in the head regaining half of its health. Vanquish must be used to finish the battle, severing all seven heads at once.
Used against: Hydra
Captain Barbossa
  • Twin Counter
After Barbossa attacks Jack Sparrow, Sora helps Jack get back to his senses, allowing Jack to swing Sora around by the hand and strike an assaulting Barbossa into the air and granting access to the Sonic Dive reaction command. Failure results in Jack getting attacked by Barbossa.
Used against: Captain Barbossa
  • Sonic Dive: Sora lands on Jack's shoulders before leaping up and attacking the airborne Barbossa with a single strike with the torso, sending him falling limp to the ground. (Used against: Captain Barbossa)
  • Land
In response to Barbossa's ferocious combo attack, Sora leaps up and steps on his saber during a stab, granting access to the Reverse Blade reaction command.
Used against: Captain Barbossa
  • Reverse Blade: After Barbossa pulls out his flintlock pistol with his free hand as Sora reacts by swinging at him, Sora strikes Barbossa with an upward slash to the chin that sends him flying. Failure results in Sora getting shot in the head for massive damage. (Used against: Captain Barbossa)
Oogie Boogie
  • Fore!
When in front of a present, Sora can knock it up to Oogie's platform in a golfer-style swing, eventually causing the glass floor to break when enough accumulate. The battle can only progress through the use of this reaction command.
Used against: Oogie Boogie
  • Counter
Countering Scar's pounce, Lion Sora scratches at him before kicking him away. Failure results in Scar clawing Sora continuously until the reaction command is used or Sora is defeated.
Used against: Scar
Storm Rider
  • Slide
When the Storm Rider dives in towards the party, Sora slides underneath it to dodge the attack, granting access to the Vertigo Toss reaction command. Failure results in the Storm Rider completing its attack, dealing heavy damage to all party members.
Used against: Storm Rider
  • Vertigo Toss: Sora strikes and stabs the Storm Rider to interrupt its attack, before a third and final strike launches it high into the sky, wherein it falls to ground behind Sora. This renders the Storm Rider unconscious and vulnerable to further attack. (Used against: Storm Rider)
  • Hang On
Responding to the Storm Rider attempting to shake Sora off, he grabs hold of one of the spikes on its back. This allows Sora to stay on its back for a longer period of time, and grants access tot he Let Go reaction command. (Used against: Storm Rider)
  • Let Go: Once the Storm Rider attempts to shock its back spikes, Sora can let go. However, if the Storm Rider does not charge up its electricity, then it will instead perform another aerial maneuver in an attempt to shake Sora off, successfully doing so if Let Go is used. (Used against: Storm Rider)
  • Aura Shot
Sora slides to the other side of one of Hercules's aura spheres, before batting it in Hades's direction. This knocks him other of his berserk mode, dealing massive damage otherwise.
Used against: Hades
Grim Reaper (Cursed)
  • Hinder
When the Grim Reaper proceeds to suck up medallions from the chest, Sora grabs hold of its weapon and swings around it, eventually using it to strike the Heartless into the air and knock some medallions out of it, while also granting access to the Loot Launch reaction command.
Used against: Grim Reaper
  • Loot Launch: In response to the three assisting skulls closing in on him, Sora spins the Grim Reaper's weapon around to catch them before launching both the weapon and the skulls at the airborne Grim Reaper, causing a massive amount of medallions to fall to the ground. Failure results in the three skulls ramming into Sora and sending him flying.
  • Return
Sora dumps any of his on-hand medallions into the chest, and makes the Grim Reaper vulnerable to attacks again when all 882 medallions are returned.
Used against: Grim Reaper
  • Roll Up
After Jafar is stunned from the damage to his stomach, Sora grabs hold of his tail and wraps it around him, granting access to the Spin Burst reaction command.
Used against: Jafar

Sora using Spin Burst.

  • Spin Burst: Sora rapidly spins Jafar around by unwinding his tail, leaving him dazed and open to further attack. Failure results in Jafar breaking free and hitting Sora away. (Used against: Jafar)
The Experiment
  • Kickspring
After The Experiment breaks off into individual parts, Sora latches onto the main body and throws it in the direction of one of the other parts, damaging it and forcing it back into one piece where it can be damaged again.
Used against: The Experiment
  • Jump
Lion Sora leaps onto the Groundshaker's back from up one of its leg or its head.
Used against: Groundshaker
  • Leap
When the Groundshaker is in its berserk states and attempts to stampede Lion Sora, Leap allows him to jump over and of the shockwaves its feet produce. Failure results in Sora taking damage.
Used again: Groundshaker
  • Fend: At the end of the Groundshaker's berserk attack, when it attempts to precisely stomp Sora as he spins into the attacking foot, Fend allows Sora to resist the Heartless's strength. If successful, Sora breaks through its foot and severs the rings connecting the head as he comes down, leaving the Heartless temporarily immobilized and vulnerable to further attack. Failure results in Sora getting smashed by the foot and taking heavy damage. (Used against: Groundshaker)
  • Zone Guard
Sora counters Sark's disc throw by spinning his Keyblade to block it, popping it into the air and granting access to the Disc Strike reaction command.
Used against: Sark
  • Disc Strike: Sora leaps up and bats Sark's disc back at him, dealing damage and stunning him. Failure results in Sora simply not performing the attack and the disc returning to Sark. (Used against: Sark)
  • High Climb
In response to the augmented Sark summoning a wall to prevent escape, Sora throws his Keyblade up the wall and scales it, granting access to the Needle Dive reaction command.
Used against: Sark (Augmented)
  • Needle Dive: Sora catches his Keyblade and dives straight towards Sark's head in a spinning attack, instantly incapacitating him. Failure results in Sora simply failing the attack and falling to the ground (Used against: Sark (Augmented))
Master Control Program
  • Delete
When the MCP's core is exposed, Sora and Tron work together to generate a beam from Tron's disc that slowly deletes the MCP's data.
Used against: Master Control Program

Sora using Charge.

  • Charge: Repeatedly tap Triangle to refresh the beam's power. Failure to do so at fast enough intervals results in the attack stopping, though can be done purposefully to prevent Sora and Tron from getting hit by the inevitable retaliating laser attack. (Used against: Master Control Program)
  • Block
Countering Sephiroth's single-stroke Flash combo, Sora defends against all hits in a flurry of parrying swings. Failure results in Sora taking massive damage from every hit landing.
Used against: Sephiroth


These Reaction Commands are unique for combat, going from "Limits" with that world's heroes or specific interactions triggered in combat.


  • Aura Guard

Sora and Hercules create an impenetrable shield that nullifies all of Pete's and Hades's attack.

  • Faith

Sora and Queen Minnie combine their powers to generate an explosion of light that sends all Heartless in the area flying a long way away.

  • Twin Howl

Sora and Beast's Reaction Command for their Limit: Howling Moon. Available when Beast has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Red Rocket

Sora and Mushu using Red Rocket.

Sora and Mulan's Reaction Command for their Limit: Dragonblaze. Available when Mulan has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Bushido

Sora and Auron's Reaction Command for their Limit: Overdrive. Available when Auron has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Bluff

Sora and Jack Sparrow's Reaction Command for their Limit: Treasure Isle. Available when Jack has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Speedster

Sora and Aladdin's Reaction Command for their Limit: Trick Fantasy. Available when Aladdin has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Dance Call

Sora and Jack Skellington's Reaction Command for their Limit: Applause! Applause!. Available when Jack has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Wildcat

Sora and Simba's Reaction Command for their Limit: King's Pride. Available when Simba has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Setup

Sora and Tron's Reaction Command for their Limit: Complete Compilement. Available when Tron has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

  • Session

Sora and Riku's Reaction Command for their Limit: Eternal Session. Available when Riku has the Auto Limit ability equipped.

Drive Forms

These are special abilities that can be unlocked for Sora to enable a Reaction Command to "Auto [name of Form]" when he is at a critically low health level and is in the Command Menu that contains the Drive Command.

  • Valor
Allows Sora to change to Valor Form when his health is at critical level and 3 Drive Points are available. (Requires "Auto Valor" to be equipped, and Goofy to be in the party and conscious)
  • Wisdom
Allows Sora to change to Wisdom Form when his health is at critical level and 3 Drive Points are available. (Requires "Auto Wisdom" to be equipped, and Donald to be in the party and conscious)
  • Limit (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix only)
Allows Sora to change to Limit Form when his health is at critical level and 4 Drive Points are available. (Requires "Auto Limit" to be equipped)
  • Master
Allows Sora to change to Master Form when his health is at critical level and 4 Drive Points are available. (Requires "Auto Master" to be equipped, and two party members to be conscious.)
  • Final
Allows Sora to change to Final Form when his health is at critical level and 5 Drive Points are available. (Requires "Auto Final" to be equipped, and two party members to be conscious.)


  • Auto Summon
Allows Sora to instantly activate a random Summon when a party member is KO'd, in the Command Menu that contains the Summon Command. (Requires "Auto Summon" to be equipped)

The King

  • Charge

The King using Healing Light.

In certain boss battles, when Sora falls and King Mickey comes to his aid, King Mickey can press and hold Triangle to activate Charge, which fills up the Drive Gauge at the cost of leaving The King vulnerable. If and when the player fills up the Drive Gauge completely (3 Drive points), Charge is replaced with the Healing Light reaction command.
  • Healing Light: King Mickey uses the energy accumulated in the Drive Gauge to revive Sora with full HP, MP, and Drive Gauges.


  • Recovery Run
Only available when defending the Bailey gate alongside Leon. When Leon takes too much damage and falls, Sora quickly swings around him multiple times while holding his Keyblade outward to knock away surrounding enemies, then finishes by quickly grabbing Leon's arm to help him stand.
  • Call Over
Only available during escort/protection missions involving Queen Minnie and Timon & Pumbaa. Sora guides them to his location; Minnie to help escort her to the throne room then the throne itself, and Timon & Pumbaa for them to dodge Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed's charging attacks.

Birth by Sleep Reaction Commands

In Birth by Sleep, Reaction Commands only appear during special event battles, usually when the protagonist is fighting alongside another character. Instead of using a separate dedicated button, Reaction Commands simply replace the attack button (X) when they become available.

  • Use Transporter: Transports player to and from the Mirage Arena.
  • Goal: When escorting a character, such as Jaq or Snow White, Goal ends the escorting task, completing the objective.
  • Avenger: When party members are hurt, various Avenger commands can be used to attack or defend against nearby enemies with Square. Includes Avenger Rush, Avenger Save, etc.
  • White Calm: When Ventus escorts Snow White, cursed trees will attempt to scare her by blowing on her. If she yells, "Help me!", then pressing Square activates White Calm, allowing Ventus to release a tornado of light picking up enemies to damage and stun them, as well as instantly defeating the cursed trees. This command is identical to Sign of Faith.
  • Last Dance: While Terra escorts Cinderella to the ballroom, an enemy may attack her. To defend her, Terra can press Square to block the incoming attack, then X to activate Last Dance, where Terra slams his keyblade into the ground, creating a shockwave that takes out the nearby Unversed.
  • Joint Force: During Ventus' battle with Maleficent, she will attempt an attack that will put Ven to sleep. To avoid it, Ven can press Square at a circle of light that Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather cast. It requires the player to press buttons in an either clockwise or counterclockwise pattern. If it is executed successfully, Joint Force will activate, causing Ventus to launch an orb of magical light towards Maleficent that stuns and damages her.
  • Selfless Prince: When Prince Phillip is a party member, he will signal Aqua to come towards him, waving his shield and saying, "Here". At the pres of Square, Aqua and Prince Phillip lock hands as Aqua is thrown into the air, striking either a platform or Maleficent herself to allow Aqua to jump up. Against Maleficent, Selfless Prince deals damage and gives the player a boost.
  • Astro Shot/Strike: When Experiment 626 is a party member, he will occasionally hop up and down with a white halo around him. Pressing Square next to him allows the player character to grab him in a ball shape and throw him at enemies. In the Gantu and Metamorphosis boss battles, it is Astro Strike, but in the Turo Prison Block battle, it is Astro Shot.
  • Swing Slash: In the Jellyshade battle in Olympus Coliseum, Hercules will occasionally activate this move. If Square is pressed, Hercules will pick up and swing Ven around, and the player must spin the control stick clockwise in addition. After it is charged up, the Swing Slash command becomes available, which causes Hercules to throw Ven spinning into the Jellyshade crowd slaying anything on contact. Failure to spin the stick quickly enough ends the move and leaves Hercules dizzied.
  • Bronco Strike: During the Lucifer boss battle, Lucifer may jump up on to a high piece of furniture and perform a long pounce. If Ven dodges it, he can strike Lucifer and activate a Ride command with Square. If all the shown buttons are pressed in sequence, Ven can unleash multiple strikes upon Lucifer and stun him.
  • Turnover: Used in the Cursed Coach battle, Turnover can be used when an attack from the Unversed is blocked. In a flurry of strikes, the player tips the Cursed Coach over and temporarily leaves it vulnerable to attack.
  • Burst of Faith: When Mickey is a party member, he may occasionally yell, "Let's team up!" This signals the player to get close to Mickey and press Square. Burst of Faith causes Mickey and Aqua to spin with each other, generating particles of light and light energy that damages nearby enemies. It grants invincibility and is available in the Ventus-Vanitas battle when he uses his charged attack. However, due to Vanitas and Ventus-Vanitas' ability to randomly teleport upon taking a hit, this attack may not function correctly and has a tendency to fail to deal any damage to them.
  • Dual Limit: In the final battle against Terra-Xehanort, the guardian may come up and grab Aqua. If so, the player must press X repeatedly to break free. If successful, Aqua enters a bright space where Terra is behind the guardian, whom is trying to attack. If Aqua successfully reaches Terra and the player presses Square, Dual Limit will be activated. Terra and Aqua charge up a powerful light attack, requiring the player to press X at the right time to set off an explosion that heavily damages Terra-Xehanort. This command is identical to Trinity Limit.
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Other appearances

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

In Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, the fourth option in the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix command menu has been replaced with the Summon Command. Executing actions such as Talk and Open is now allocated to Triangle.