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The Rare Vendor is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It resembles a Japanese gashapon machine, and its main function is to provide Roxas with prizes.


A Rare Vendor resembles a black and silver toy vending machine. Its rectangular, tooth-filled mouth and glowing, yellow eyes are set in the machine's base, and it uses the four red legs of the machine to move. There is a large, red knob just above the base of the machine. A huge, glass sphere with a silver cap is placed at the top of the machine. A bent, grey antenna sprouts out of the cap, and the Heartless emblem is present on the front of the sphere. The sphere itself is filled with round capsules of a variety of colors, including green, blue, orange, and pink.

The Rare Vendor's name references its scarcity when compared to most other Heartless. "Vendor" refers to the fact that it resembles a toy vending machine, specifically a gashapon machine.


Rare Vendors are rather easy to eliminate. They are completely non-offensive, preferring to just hop around the battlefield. They appear for only a short time, however, so it is recommended that the player pursue it and use a combination of offensive magic and physical attacks.

As Rare Vendors have little HP, they should fall in due time, but they also have a high defense. The reward for a Rare Vendor's defeat is a rare item. Also remember that this Emblem Heartless does not release any hearts.

Stats & Abilities