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The Rare Truffle is a friendly Heartless from Kingdom Hearts.

Although the game identifies Rare Truffles as enemies, the mushroom-like Heartless never attack. Classified as a "friendly" Heartless, Rare Truffles love to jump, and are always found hopping. The more they jump, the happier they are. As the name implies, the Rare Truffle is the rarest "enemy" in the game. Its name is sometimes mistaken as being "Blue Truffle."

Like other Mushroom Heartless, the Rare Truffle yields extremely valuable and rare items. However, unlike the items dropped by White Mushrooms and Black Fungi, there is no true use to them. To obtain an item from a Rare Truffle, the player must use any means necessary to keep them in the air for as long as possible. Using the Keyblade and/or Aeroga is usually recommended. If the Rare Truffle touches the ground even once after the initial hit, it becomes enraged and departs, unless the item requirements are met.

A similar tactic is used in Kingdom Hearts II for a mini-game.



  • This is the only Heartless in the Hades Cup to appear alone in a seed, excluding the Behemoth, which is considered a boss Heartless.

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