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Rapunzel KHIII
Role Ally, Party Member
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts III
Origin Tangled
Home World Kingdom of Corona
English Voice
Kelsey Landsdowne



Rapunzel is a character in Kingdom Hearts III. She is a princess in the Kingdom of Corona. It is revealed that Rapunzel is one of the New Seven Hearts—the next generation of the Princesses of Heart.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts III

Tangled (2010)

A girl with a lot of hair and lot of heart. She set foot outside her tower, for the first time in her life, to go see the lights in the sky that she had watched from her window since childhood.


Rapunzel and Flynn Rider meet Sora, Donald and Goofy in their world while they were embarking on a dangerous journey to search for Master Xehanort and Organization XIII. Rapunzel convinced Flynn to a deal to take her to the Kingdom of Corona for the Lantern Festival, where the townsfolk will release lanterns into the sky for the lost princess. Marluxia began targeting them, explaining that since the role of the original Seven Hearts of Light were fulfilled, Rapunzel has become one of the next in line as she is “the very light of this world”.

Rapunzel and Flynn enjoy the Lantern Festival and find themselves attracted to each other. Marluxia conspired with Mother Gothel to trick Rapunzel into willingly returning to her tower by making her believe Flynn had sold her out. Rapunzel later realizes she was the lost princess of the kingdom and that Gothel has been using her for the healing power in her hair to keep herself young.

After saving a dying Flynn, Rapunzel leaves the party at the conclusion of this world. However Flynn remains an available party ally.


Rapunzel is full of spirit and energy, but throughout her life she wanted freedom and does not want to be locked away in a tower for so long because of her kidnapper Gothel. Despite her gentle disposition and overall cautious nature (due to her lack of exposure to the outside world), she shows courage to Sora and Flynn, aiding them in battle to prove she can handle what’s out there.

Physical appearance

Rapunzel is a very beautiful young woman with fair skin, rosy cheeks, green eyes, and long silky golden blonde hair which is around 70 feet in length although in the movie, it appears to be natural brunette like her parents when her lover Eugene chopped it off from saving her against Gothel.

She wears a traditional German fushia dress though she doesn't wear any shoes throughout the game. 


Rapunzel is one of the main characters in the 2010 Disney animated film Tangled.

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