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Rafale is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Rafale+.


Either side of the main shaft of a Rafale Knife is lined with ridges. The lower half of the shaft is the handle, which is navy blue, while the upper half is the blade. The base of the blade is sky blue and the tip of the blade is navy-colored. Three increasingly smaller blades jut off to one side if the Knife in an arc. These side blades are colored in the same way as the main blade; sky blue at the base and navy blue at the tip. This type of Knife is identical in shape to the Tourbillon Knives.

Rafale is the French name for the Aero spell.


The ground combo with the Rafale Knives begins with a spin close to the ground followed by two more of the same attack. Afterwards she leaps into the air and flips back 360 degrees. Larxene then dives forward into a 360-degree clockwise spin, arms outstretched, and goes into a quick one-handed handstand flipping forward back onto her feet.

Larxene begins her aerial combo by slashing to the left with her arm, then right with her left arm, and again swings to the left. She then spins four to five times with her knees tucked in, and ends by untucking her legs and slashing downward before landing on the ground.

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