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Quorra is a character in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. She is from Disney's Tron: Legacy and featured . She is seen in the special trailer released on February the 14th, 2012 talking with Kevin Flynn and Sam Flynn, and also protecting and fighting alongside Sora against Rinzler.


Though The Grid was confirmed to appear as early as Jump Festa 2012, Quorra herself was not shown until the February 2012 Special Trailer. In the trailer, she is seen watching Sora prepare to fight Rinzler from afar, and notes that she has never seen a weapon like Sora's before. In a later scene, she aids Sora against Rinzler inside CLU 2's quarters.

Journal entries


Physical appearance

Like all programs in Tron: Legacy, Quorra is depicted as wearing a black skintight suit with blue circuitry. She also has a black boy cut. However, distinguishing her from other programs is the fact that Quorra is an ISO (Isomorphic Algorithm), and she has the letters "ISO" tattoed on her arm.


Quorra's debut in the Tron universe is Tron: Legacy, in which she is introduced as Kevin Flynn's partner and confidante after the latter is betrayed by CLU 2. She first appears in the film to save Sam Flynn from a battle with CLU 2 on a light cycle arena by barging in with a tank-like vehicle. She takes Sam to his father, but when Flynn confirms that he has no intention of confronting CLU 2 in case CLU 2 gains control of his identity disk, Quorra instructs Sam to contact Zuse, the enigmatic leader of a resistance against CLU 2. Flynn, worried for his son, takes Quorra with him to Zuse's bar just as Zuse betrays Sam to CLU 2's men. In the ensuing battle, Quorra's arm is severely damaged and she is left temporarily catatonic. It is then that Sam realises that Quorra is the last remaining ISO, the only survivor of a genocide conducted by CLU 2.

Eventually Quorra's arm heals and she awakens to aid the Flynns again. She infiltrates CLU 2's hideout to buy time for the Flynns, but she is captured by Rinzler, CLU 2's right-hand man and Flynn's reprogrammed friend, Tron. Quorra is rescued by the Flynns, however, who take back Flynn's disk and flee for the I/O tower to escape to the real world and leave CLU 2 trapped inside the Grid forever. Despite CLU 2 catching up with them and Flynn sacrificing himself to destroy the rogue program, Quorra and Sam make it safely to the real world. As a gift, Sam shows Quorra a real world sunrise, something she had longed to see for a long time.

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