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The Quiet Belladonna is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Quiet Belladonna+.


The Quiet Belladonna’s handle is curved and blue-grey with a small, yellow section at its base and a flat, pink pommel. The base of the blade is decorated by a small, white diamond. The shaft is a short, elongated diamond that is magenta with pink edges toward its base and white ones toward its top. A larger, pink diamond with white edges splits the blade into two sections, a shorter back blade and a longer front one. Both blades are magenta with pink edges toward the shaft and white ones toward their tips. They are also both shaped like elongated diamonds. The Jilted Anemone’s blade as a whole is shorter than those of most of Marluxia’s other scythes, and its shape is reminiscent of one of Larxene’s Foudre knives. The Quiet Belladonna and the Jilted Anemone are nearly identical, save for their different color schemes.

"Belladonna"—an Italian expression meaning "beautiful woman"—refers to two species of flowers. One, Atropa belladonna, is poisonous and commonly known as the "deadly nightshade", a plant that sprouts poisonous, black berries. The other is part of the "Amaryllis" genus. "Quiet" can mean "with little or no sound", "reserved", or "calm".


Quiet Belladonna's ground combo is quite simple; it consists of two horizontal slashes, and the finisher has Marluxia jump forward before swinging the Scythe in a full circle.

The aerial combo is a little more complex. It consists of an angled slash followed by a horizontal slash. The combo finisher has Marluxia throw the Scythe into the air before catching it and making a swing in a full circle. The Y-Combo can be activated on the second slash; Marluxia is forced down as he initiates a downward angle slash.

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