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Quests are the main means of gameplay in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. Quests exist in five different formats, including Story, Special, Event, Union Cross, and Coliseum.

Quests generally cost Attribute Points (AP) and have three objectives that offer rewards, such as Currency#JewelsJewels, synthesis items, gems, and special Medals. The ultimate goal of each Quest is defeat the Target Enemy.

Quest Types


Story (メインクエスト Mein Kuesuto?) quests are quests that the Player must complete to advance the main story. Each quests has three objectives and a Target Enemy, and many of the quests include cutscenes that further explain the story.


Special (強化クエスト Kyōka Kuesuto?) quests are quests to collect materials in order to upgrade Keyblades and Medals, and are playable only on certain days. Some Special quests are only obtainable with a VIP membership.


Event (イベント Ibento?) quests are limited-time quests that offer special rewards. The rewards from these quests include Jewels, synthesis items, gems, and special Medals.

Union Cross

Union Cross (ユニオンクロス Yunion Kurosu?) quests are multiplayer quests with other Player's across all of the Unions. The quests are usually time challenges in which all the Player's have to defeat a certain amount of enemies in a set amount of time until the Target Enemy appears. The quests, areas, and rewards periodically change.


The Coliseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?) has two categories of quests: PVE and PVP.

PVE quests are a monthly tournament with a goal of completing as many quests as possible. Each quest has a target enemy whose level gradually increases as the quests go on. Completing the quest rewards the Player with Coliseum Coins which can be used to purchase avatar clothes and special Medals on the Coliseum Boards. At the end of each month, additional rewards are given based on rank in the tournaments.

PVP quests give the Player 5 free attempts against another Player in a 1v1 battle. The Keyblades used in the battles are determined each week. Rewards are given based on the amount of points earned; winning earns 100 points while losing earns 10. At the end of each month, additional rewards are given based on rank in the tournaments.

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