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Template:InfoCharacter Template:Q The Queen of Hearts is the short-tempered and mostly villainous ruler of Wonderland in the Kingdom Hearts series. She appeared for the first time in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland".

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts

A queen of Wonderland who lives in a castle with decks and decks of card soldiers. Selfish and short-tempered, she beheads anyone who crosses her. She think Alice tried to steal her heart.

She struck terror in our hearts in "Alice in Wonderland" (1951).

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

A selfish ruler who commands an army of card soldiers.

A Heartless stole the Queen's memory, but she accused Alice and put her on trial.


Kingdom Hearts

The Queen of Hearts was an intra-world "villain" that appeared in a major role in Wonderland. Despite insisting on Alice being decapitated for trying to steal the Queen's heart, the Queen was apparently in no way associated with Maleficent. Also, as she was not entirely evil, the Queen isn't completely a villain, even though she and her Card Soldiers are bosses.

During the said battle, if Sora thrusted forward with the Keyblade when attacking the Queen, she would topple over. This temporarily stunned the red Card Soldiers.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The Queen appeared in Castle Oblivion as a figment of Sora's memory. In the memory recreation of Wonderland, the Queen accused Alice of stealing her memory and sentenced her to death. Even after Sora and co. found the real culprit, she still refused to believe that Alice was innocent. Fortunately, Alices's quick thinking pacified the Queen and no one had to lose their head.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

The Queen of Hearts will appear, as shown in a new screen, confronting Roxas and Luxord in a trial.


The Queen of Hearts first appeared as a very short-tempered, selfish and bossy character form "Lewis Carrol's" book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". She tried to behead Alice for ruining her crochet game, even though Alice played fairly and the Queen cheated. the "Queen of Hearts" did in fact have a husband, the King of Hearts. He was very kind but had a tendency to fall asleep a lot. Because he did not care for the affairs of his kingdom, and more on his 40 winks, he left his wife in charge. The Queen had a record of beheading 13 people the day Alice decided to drop by. Her Record for beheading at all, countless. Because it was her way of solving any problems.


  • The Queen of Hearts can be fought in the battle with her cards in Kingdom Hearts technically but hitting her will make the Heart Card Soldiers be temporarily stunned.
  • In Re:CoM, the Trickmaster is said to be the Queen's memories.
  • Like everyone else in Wonderland, the queen has a very prominent fear of the Cheshire Cat.


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