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The Pseudo Silene is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Pseudo Silene+.


The Pseudo Silene has a curved, green handle with a small, gold section toward its base and a flat, black pommel. The back blade is short and has a flat tip. The main blade has an odd, vaguely rectangular shape with two indentations in the underside of the blade and a flat tip. The shaft of the blade is black. The blade is purple and there is a yellow, arrowhead-shaped symbol on it near the shaft. The tip of the back blade is also yellow, and the entire blade has silver edges.

"Silene" is a genus of flowers. "Pseudo" can mean "insincere" or "false".


Pseudo Silene's ground combo consists of a swing to the left, then right, a slash upward, and finishes with a downward swing. Its aerial combo simply consists of one swing down and to the left, Marluxia does a 360.

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