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The Proud Amaryllis is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is the form Marluxia's Scythe takes when equipped with the Technical Gear. It can be upgraded to the Proud Amaryllis+.


The Proud Amaryllis has a curved, white handle with a small, black section near its base and a flat, gold pommel. The blade is comprised by a long, black cross with a red diamond on each of its tips. The longest arm of the cross (the one that is the foundation of the main blade) has a diamond-shaped gap splitting it in two. The whole blade is held together by a pink frame that surrounds the cross, leaving several gaps. This frame also forms two large spikes on the top and bottom of the tip of the main blade.

"Amaryllis" is a small genus of flowers. "Pride" is an expression of self-esteem, occasionally to the point of arrogance.


On the ground, Marluxia does the exact same attacks as he does with the Skill Gear equipped- a 3-hit or 4-hit combo. First a slash going diagonally upward and leftward, then an upward slash. If you don't attack from there, he will end the combo with a 360-degrees slash. If you do attack he will do another upward slash, and then do the 360-degrees slash.

In the air, instead of just one hit, he does a 2-hit combo. First he does a slash that goes diagonally downward and rightward, then he does the same aerial attack he does with the Skill Gear equipped - one horizontal, downward attack. Compared to Technical Gear, the gameplay does not change with Technical Gear+ equipped.


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