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Prominence (プロミネンス Purominensu?) is a pair of Chakrams that can be wielded by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Prominence+.


A Prominence Chakram has a decidedly more complex design than most of Axel's other Chakrams. Its main wheel is gold on the outer edge and red on the inner edge. It has four relatively small spikes resembling the spikes on the Nobody logo alternating with four much larger, more complex spikes. The smaller spikes are gold with black centers. The larger spikes are connected to the main wheel by small, gold triangles, while the spikes themselves are shaped like curved right triangles. One tip of these triangles are connected to the smaller spikes. Finally, the handle is a black cross that connects to the larger spikes.

The name refers to solar prominences.


The ground combo starts with a slash to the right, then a slash to the left, and ends with Axel throwing them to the left and circling around him.

The aerial combo starts with a slash to the right and then the left, finishing with a cross slash to the right and circling around Axel.

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