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Product One is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Vexen wields this weapon when he has the Skill Gear attached. It can be upgraded to Product One+.


Product One is identical in shape to Tester Zero. It resembles an upside-down heart with two circular sections taken out of the sides, which makes the top of the shield look like one of the spikes from the Nobody emblem. It also has two more large spikes at the bottom of the shield, one on each of the bumps of the heart. Product One has a similar coloration to Pain of Solitude and other weapons in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days that boost magic. Its border is magenta-colored while the face of the shield is dark blue. These two colors are further divided by a thin, silver outline around the face of the shield.

A "Product One" is the first product released.


The ground combo begins with Vexen sending his shield upwards, then thrusting it forward to finish.

His aerial combo begins with Vexen slashing upward, finished by a sharp left slash and a 180 degree orbit, coming to rest in front of him.

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