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Aqua using Prism Rain in the Radiant Garden

Prism Rain (レインボウシャワー Reinbou Shawā?, lit. "Rainbow Shower") is a technique exclusive to Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. The attack consists of firing a salvo of rainbow-colored orbs at the targets.


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Prism Rain is a Shotlock that has a maximum level of 5 and max lock of 16. After the initial volley, the player can perform extra attacks by pressing X in a timely manner to fire additional projectiles, based on the player's timing rating.

Learning Prism Rain

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

  • Aqua can obtain Prism Rain from a chest at the Ship Hub.


A prism is a small glass that is used to refract light into its seven component colors. The component colors of light match the colors of the Prism Rain bursts.

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