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Prince Charming is a character featured in the world Castle of Dreams in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. He is the future king of the Castle of Dreams who serves as Cinderella's love interest, marrying her and saving her from the evils of Lady Tremaine after the events of the ball. He debuted in Disney's classic film, Cinderella (1950).

Journal entry

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Cinderella (1950)

The prince of this kingdom, who fell in love with a girl he met at the ball.

He was reunited with his true love when the glass slipper, his only clue to the girl's identity, fit Cinderella perfectly.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Prince and heir to the throne of Castle of Dreams, Prince Charming first laid eyes upon Cinderella, his one true love, at his royal ball, which was held by the King in hopes of finding his son a wife. During the ball, they were cornered by a powerful Unversed which was later defeated by Terra, this disruption however did not disturb their romance and they proceeded to dance.

Prince Charming later came before the Grand Duke after Cinderella fled the ball, the Fairy Godmother's spell about to break, and was introduced to Aqua. They were both hesitant of each other, the Prince holding a search for the girl he had danced with. Telling the Grand Duke to find whichever maiden fit the lone glass slipper, he found Cinderella at the home of Lady Tremaine, marrying her, and thus saving her from the life of servitude she had lived with the wicked stepmother and her stepsisters.

During the ending credits, he was seen dancing with Cinderella in the ballroom with Jaq and the Fairy Godmother looking from the balcony.


In the original 1950 film, Prince Charming had a very minor role, appearing only at the ball scene and the film's end. At the ball, he appears to be bored with having to meet every single maiden in the kingdom which his father forced him to do. Once he lays eyes on Cinderella, he rushes to her and they start dancing.

His voice actor is William Phipps, but his only line was when he asked Cinderella not to leave as she tried to hurry away. His singing voice was done by Mike Douglas and he sang the song "So This Is Love".

Physical appearance

The Prince has dark hair and wears a light yellow collared shirt with golden-tasseled pauldrons a thick belt. He wears white gloves and black shoes, complemented by red slacks.


  • Prince Charming and the Prince are the only Disney princes to not have an official name.

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