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|{{nihongo|'''[http://www.khwiki.net/Cleo Cleo]|クレオ|Kureo}}
|{{nihongo|'''[http://www.khwiki.net/Cleo Cleo]|クレオ|Kureo}}
|Unknown at the time
|A little fish who swims around in his bowl 
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|- style="background:#915C83;"
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| rowspan="2"|[[File:Monstro.png|100px]]

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Template:Game Template:World Prankster's Paradise is a world in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is based on the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio, although an area based off the sea from the film appears as a Mirage Arena match in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final MixTemplate:Fact. Originally the world was set to appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, but was eventually removed due to space restrictions.


Originally the world was set to appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, but was eventually removed due to space restrictions.

Tetsuya Nomura explained that the planned plot for the world was set in a circus and playing off the story of Pinocchio, a puppet with a heart, and the Nobodies who possess no heart, then planned for a sad episode with Roxas and Xion looking for hope for themselves. The world would have included Pinocchio, as a human, and Gepetto, as well as the villains Honest John and Gideon from the original film. The profile sprites for the characters still appear within the final game's data.


Most of the setting for Prankster's Paradise in Dream Drop Distance is in Pleasure Island, with areas such as the circus and the windup way seen. Other parts of the world takes place in the Ocean Floor and inside Monstro the Whale.

In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, the battle against Monstro takes place in an area known as the Star Ocean.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

Terra, Aqua and Ventus battle Monstro in a digital representation of the world in the Monster of the Deep battle of the Mirage Arena.Template:Fact

Between Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts

Prior to the events of Kingdom Hearts, Prankster's Paradise was destroyed by the Heartless. During the chaos of the destruction of their world, Geppetto, Pinocchio, and Jiminy Cricket were separated, each landing in a different world; Gepetto was swallowed by Monstro (who managed to survive the destruction of their world but ended up wandering the gummi routes between Agrabah, Atlantica and Halloween Town.), Pinocchio washed up in Traverse Town, and Jiminy Cricket wound up at Disney Castle. When Sora and King Mickey seal the door to Kingdom Hearts, the world is restored with Pinocchio and Gepetto returning, except Jiminy Cricket, who is currently with Sora.

Though it was restored, Prankster's Paradise remained in a deep sleep instead of returning to the Realm of Light, plagued by Nightmare Dream Eaters.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Sora's Side

Sora arrives in an amusement park and finds Jiminy contemplating on what to do. Remembering Yen Sid mentioning that the worlds are asleep and that he is experiencing their dreams - the reason for duplicate of those not there anymore - Sora puts aside the fact they've met and listens to Jiminy's tale. Pinocchio is missing; a stranger in a black coat instructed the puppet to play with Sora. However, that's not the real problem; if boys misbehave for too long here, they turn into "jackamules". Learning this, Sora decides to look for Pinocchio before Pleasure Island's magic turned the poor puppet into a donkey.

However, their process is hindered by several Dream Eaters disgused (rather poorly) as Pinocchio. Finding a partially transformed Pinocchio in the top tent, Sora held Dream Eaters at bay to prevent them from harming his friends while they headed home. Finishing his battle, Sora is shocked to see Xemnas and Young Xehanort once again. Xemnas comments on the absurdity of a puppet like Pinnochio having a heart until Sora points out that Nobodies are different than Pinocchio. Xemnas acknowledges this, but comments that Sora himself is also like a Nobody despite being whole.

Perplexed by his foe's parting words, Sora leaves the tent, only to be told by the Blue Fairy that Pinocchio and Jiminy went in search of Geppetto, who was swallowed by Monstro the whale. Sora follows the duo into the ocean, where they are eaten by Monstro. Trying to save them, Sora battles a Dream Eater that freezes Monstro solid. Defeating the monster, Sora is sent flying by Monstro's sneeze after the whale eats the Dream Eater.

Sora eventually finds himself on a beach and looks back in the far distance of the ocean. He assumes that the world eventually gets dragged into darkness not long after Monstro swallowed everyone, he also recalls how they soon escaped and ended up in Traverse Town, and say's that this world would never be right again untill it awakes from it's slumber. Sora then spots a Keyhole and seals it, ending his story.

Riku's Side

Riku arrives in Monstro and agrees to find Pinocchio for Geppetto; Jiminy accompanies him because he serves as Pinocchio's consceince. After searching the insides of the whale once more, Riku sees a hooded man walking with Pinnochio soon and demands his return. Demanding to know the identity of the stranger, Riku is shocked to see that it is a double of himself and contemplates on how his "Dark Side" has followed him in many forms, ranging from Ansem himself to the replica created by Vexen.

A tremor in Monstro causes Riku to leave Pinocchio and Jiminy behind. He comes face to face with the Dream Eater that was fighting Sora, only now it's reversed its elemental powers. Defeating it, Riku travels back to Monstro's mouth, realizing that Prankster's Paradise cannot move forward in time until it awakens from Darkness, unlocking a Keyhole.


KH3D icon.png Name Journal Entry
Pinocchio KH3D.png
Pinocchio (ピノキオ Pinokio?) A wooden pupet Geppetto made. The Blue Fairy breathed life into him and appointed Jiminy his conscience. Pinocchio's nose grows every time he lies. But he is trying to be good so he can become a real boy.
Jiminy Cricket (ジミニー・クリケット Jiminī Kuriketto?) A faithful friend whom the Blue Fairy has appointed Pinocchio's conscience.
Geppetto (ゼペット Zepetto?) Pinocchio's father. He went out to sea to find his son but was swallowed, boat and all, by Monstro the whale. Inside Monstro he was reunited with Pinocchio, and they all made it out safely.
Blue Fairy (ブルーフェアリ Burū Fearī?) The fairy who gave life to Pinocchio and apointed Jiminy his conscience.
Cleo (クレオ Kureo?) Unknown at the time
Monstro (モンストロ Monsutoro?) A giant whale who lives at the bottom of the sea. His mouth is so huge he can swallow up anything.


Dream Eater



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