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Power Chord is a Sitar that can be wielded by Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Power Chord+.


The Power Chord’s headstock has a fan shape and its tip is lined by four small, flat-tipped bumps, causing it to somewhat resemble a cog or gear. The tip is dark purple, while the base of the headstock is lilac-colored with a thin, red outline. The neck of the sitar is straight and dark purple with thick, red edges. The Power Chord’s body has an odd shape, sporting a lilac section in its center surrounded by three curved, dark purple sections of color. The base of the instrument has a vague, angular “M” shape, and it is red in color. The upper half of the body has red edges, while the lower half has black ones. This sitar has three white strings that are anchored to the body by small, pale yellow, “V”-shaped piece.

Musically, a power chord is a chord usually played on the electric guitar; power chords are a key element of most rock compositions.


Power Chord's normal ground combo starts with Demyx performing a 360-degree spinning diagonal slash with the tip of the Sitar, followed by a powerful attack where Demyx lifts the weapon by the neck above his head and slams it downward in a pickaxe-like fashion. The Y-Combo can be activated after the first attack, and consists of Demyx swinging the Sitar by the neck diagonally upward in a baseball bat-like fashion, followed by a blast of three yellow shockwaves forwards.

The aerial combo consists of a downward diagonal slash with the tip of the Sitar, followed by a thrust upward.

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