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A Power Boost as seen in Kingdom Hearts II

Power Boost (also called Power Up) is an item that raises your Strength by one point. Like the AP Boost, it can only be used from the stock menu once obtained. They can be found in treasure chests and made through item synthesis.

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Beginner Mode, Sora starts off with 8 Power Ups in his stock.

Treasure Chests and Events

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts II

Synthesis and Moogle Lists

Kingdom Hearts

In addition, they can be synthesized from List IV by using the following:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts II

Besides synthesizing them, they are rewarded for completing certain Moogle List:

  • Obtain 35 Synthesis Material types
  • Obtain all Energy-type Materials.

To synthesize a Power Boost, you need the Guard Recipe and these materials:


  • Sora's max Strength in Kingdom Hearts II is 153. This can be raised to 166 with items and Fenrir, and to 172 by using a Drive Form.
  • Sora's max Strength in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is 152. This can be raised to 171 with Full Blooms and Fenrir, and to 177 by using a Drive Form.
  • After passing the Door to the Final Battle in Kingdom Hearts II, all power and magic boosts are negated.
  • Increasing Sora's Strength increases the damage of Goofy's Limits and Genie's Valor "Sonic" Limit.

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