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The Pot Spider (ポットスパイダー Potto Supaidā?) is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


The Pot Spider, much like its cousin the Barrel Spider, is fairly simple in design. It appears at first as a simple red lidded pot with two pink lines, one thin and straight and one thick and zig-zagging, running around the largest part of the pot. Upon being attacked, four spider-like clawed legs, colored a greenish-black, burst from the pot's midsection at the thicker line, enabling the pot to charge forward and retaliate.

On first impressions, the Pot Spider appears to lack the standard Heartless bright yellow eyes. However, looking closely while in battle shows that they peep out from under the lid while attacking. While it is classed as an Emblem Heartless, there seems to be no presence of an Emblem anywhere on its body.

The Pot Spider gets its name from resembling a type of pot with typical spider-like legs protruding from holes in the sides.


Pot Spiders are one of the weakest, if not THE weakest Heartless in the game. Their attacks do very little damage and they have very low HP. One or two physical attacks should be enough to destroy them.

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