Pot Scorpion
Pot Scorpion
Pot Scorpion
Pot Scorpion
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Pot Scorpion
Pot Scorpion
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji ポットスコーピオン
Romaji Potto Sukōpion
French Pot Scorpion
German Pot Scorpion
Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Barrel Spider
Pot Spider
Pot Centipede

Kingdom Hearts

An ordinary pot turned Heartless by the power of Darkness.

Unlike the Pot Spider, its pot is tough as nails. A simple attach won't be enough to make it cry for mercy.

It emanates poisonous fumes as it attacks its prey.
Before Rescue After
HP 200 240
Attack 17 35
Defense 15 27
MP Recovery 24 49
EXP 20 240
Weapon Fire Bliz. Thndr.
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.04[1] x0.3[2] x0.5 x0.5
All battles: (1) HP ball x 20, (5) HP ball x 3, Mythril Stone (20%)
Broke 11 pots before waking up Pot Scorpion, then defeated Pot Scorpion: (1) Munny x 20, (5) Munny x 3, (20) Munny x 1, Mythril Shard (20%), Mythril Stone (35%)
Broke 0 to ten pots before waking up Pot Scorpion, then defeated Pot Scorpion: (1) Munny x 5
Broke the eleventh pot: (1) Munny x 20, (5) Munny x 3, (20) Munny x 1, Mythril Stone (10%)



The Pot Scorpion (ポットスコーピオン Potto Sukōpion?) is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It is powered version of a Pot Spider that appears in Agrabah. The Pot Scorpion is, just as the Pot Spider, hidden in a pot. The Scorpion will not break out of it when the player comes near, though.

Instead, the player must find out in which of the twelve pots the Scorpion is hiding by pushing them. The pot that can't be pushed is the pot with the Scorpion inside. If the pot is attacked, the Scorpion will break out.


The Pot Scorpion is, true to its name, a scorpion-like Heartless trapped in a red pot. Its four spindly legs are pale blue with blue joints and poke out of holes in the upper half of the jar. Despite the fact that it is based off of scorpions, the Pot Scorpion only has four legs.

Its tail, which is comprised of several blue, spherical segments and ends in a stinger with a black tip, breaks out of the lower half of the back of the jar and curls over the top. Its beady, glowing yellow eyes are visible in a small hole in the front of the jar's bottom, and two large, pale blue pincers poke out through the same hole. These pincers have blue joints and black tips.

The Pot Scorpion's name is a clear reference to the jar the Heartless is contained in, and its resemblance to real-world scorpions.


A first important note is that the Pot Scorpion can only be harmed by flipping it on its top. This can be done by blocking its sting attack with the Guard ability or by hitting it with Aero magic.

The attacks of the Pot Scorpion can be quite annoying since it uses poison. It can shoot poisonous bombs from its pot into every direction, as well as a continuous stream of poison that rains down on the field after about five seconds. Both attacks cause poisonous puddles to appear around the arena, which do damage if Sora or his teammates collide with them.

Also, to receive the best reward from the Pot Scorpion, one must break as many pots as they can before battling the Heartless at the Palace Gates area. The best method for breaking all the normal pots is to remove any abilities that hit wide, such as Vortex, then walk into the pots to see which moves and stays still. The movable pots are normal, while the persistent pot, unable to move is the Pot Scorpion.


  1. x0.03 after rescue.
  2. x0.2 after rescue.

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