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Poster Duty is a minigame that can be played by Sora and Roxas in Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts II although only the latter receives munny for it. In Poster Duty, Sora/Roxas has to go around the Tram Common area of Twilight Town putting up posters in designated areas. The goal is to put up 20 posters in the least time possible. The less time Roxas takes to put up the posters, the more munny he will receive.

Jiminy's Objective

Complete within 30 seconds. To complete this minigame within those 30 seconds, the player should have all level 3 Growth Abilities (High Jump, Quick Run, Aerial Dodge and Glide) equipped, otherwise it's almost impossible to complete it within the time limit.


  • The posters advertise a Struggle tournament, a competitive game of combat that the inhabitants of Twilight Town often play.
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