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KH1 icon.pngPostcards are items that are scattered about Traverse Town. By placing them in the mailbox in the First District, you can receive various prizes. There are 10 postcards in all and they can be collected in any order.


  1. Lock on to and then hit the fan in the Item Shop.
  2. On the roof top of Cid's accessory shop, reachable via High Jump and Glide, or some careful crate placement.
  3. The chest on the right hand side when entering the Second District from the first. It will be on an awning and can be reached by standing on the corner lamp post.
  • After Guard Armor fight:
  1. In the chest in the First District after using the Blue Trinity near the Item Shop.
  2. In the blue safe in the First District (next to where Cid stands after he opens the Gummi shop).
  3. Climb the ladder to the side of Gizmo Shop and jump across the roofs of the houses in the Second District then through the secret opening which leads to where Goofy and Donald first fought the Heartless in the Third District. Use the lock-on on the corner of the balcony.
  • During Second Episode in Traverse Town:
  1. Use the Thunder spell on the exposed wires in the Third District then go to the Gizmo Shop and press down the three buttons on the second floor, utilizing the newly activated lifts, then examine the clock on the first floor of the gizmo shop twice and receive two postcards.
  • Obtain Green Trinity:
  1. In the Item Synthesis Shop, examine the wall where there are messages.
  1. Go to Geppetto's House and look at the small pot on the shelf.


Mailing Item
1st Cottage
2nd Mythril Shard
3rd Mega-Potion
4th Mega-Ether
5th Mythril
6th Elixir
7th Megalixir
8th Orichalcum
9th Defense Up
10th Power Up
Defense Up[KH1FM]

Required Abilities

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