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Pooh's Swing (プーのブランコ Pū no Buranko?) is a mini-game located in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Sora finds Eeyore floating down a river. Eeyore asks for assistance while he is being pushed by the current. Sora then goes into the river and rescues Eeyore. After being saved Eeyore thanks Sora, before realizing that he has lost his tail.

The inhabits of the 100 Acre Wood then proceed to look for it, searching in different places for the tail. After Sora gets the necessary amount of yards, Pooh lands on Eeyore's house and destroys it. The loss was not completely bad, as the house was hiding the tail. Eeyore puts his tail back on, and the torn page is completed.


The objective is to launch Pooh high in the sky off his swing in an attempt to find Eeyore's tail. You have to push Pooh on his swing by pressing R1 when Owl spreads his wings. After the 3rd or 4th swing, Pooh will be launched off the swing into the sky, and when he reaches 20 meters (But no more than 30 meters), there will be a cutscene. It is also possible to end up pushing Pooh into the river, or out of the landscape all together.

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