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Gameplay of Pooh's Swing.

Pooh's Swing is a minigame featured at the Hill area in the 100 Acre Wood in both Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. It is playable after obtaining the third Torn Page (typically shortly after Monstro) and returning it to the book in Merlin's house in Traverse Town. The player character receives the 'power of time' as a reward after finishing it, which equates to Stopra at that point in the game. Reaching a score of 40 or more meters or yards is part of the requirement to receive the Cheer ability later on as well.

The objective of the minigame is for Winnie the Pooh to reach a specific distance from the starting point. The first time it is played you have to hit around 20 to 29 meters, putting you in the field area and square on-top of Eeyore's home. From then on you can try again, although only the score of 40 meters or higher is worth going for. Hitting 19 or less will put Pooh into the river, hitting 30 or more will put Pooh into the bushes, hitting 40 or more will be enough to launch him even further away. The actual unit of length can be either meter or yard depending on the version of the game, although the two units are not the same, the number used in the game does not actually differ.

The game is played by pressing the button for the lock-on option at the right time, generally when Pooh is at the highest point before going back down; which is also when Owl will flap his wings up. Pressing the button prompt when his wings are at the highest three times is enough to hit the sweet spot for the field and house landing. But for the higher distances you need to be too late with your timing; pressing the button when Owl puts his wings back down, or when Pooh starts to come back down from the highest point. Generally any other time will see Sora miss entirely, or make Pooh go off-course and either into the bushes or the river.