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Gameplay of Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt is a minigame featured at the Hunny Tree in the 100 Acre Wood in both Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. It is playable after obtaining the first Torn Page (typically after Agrabah) and returning it to the book in Merlin's house in Traverse Town. The minigame is based on the iconic scene from the feature film, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. The player character receives the Naturespark summoning gem as a reward after finishing it, successfully or not. Reaching a score of 100 or more licks is part of the requirement to receive the Cheer ability later on as well.

The objective of the minigame is for Winnie the Pooh to gain as many licks of honey as possible within three minutes (the limit is around 300 licks), by guarding him from the bees that spawn from their hives. Pooh is vulnerable to the bees as floats up the tree using a balloon, stopping at every hole to snack up on honey, with the bees trying to pop it. Bees generally spawn from the hive closest to Pooh, within every ten seconds or so, and slowly head for Pooh's balloon. Deter them by attacking the swarm, which automatically causes Sora to jump in mid-air and land on either the nearest or next highest tree branch. Each bee swarm grants either five or ten points when it is hit, with apparently the ten points only being granted if you firmly land on the branch the game 'directs' you to land on. Swarms do not grant points if hit after having already stung Pooh's balloon.

The branches themselves are also somewhat part of the minigame, as you have to follow Pooh up the tree and use the branches to position yourself correctly to be able to hit the bees. In case you do fall down, or jump and fail to hit an incoming swarm, Sora can also use the 'Rush' command to quickly and automatically jump up each branch all the way to Pooh's position. This is generally faster than doing it manually, but somewhat prone to failing as Sora can be blocked by Pooh at times. Using the command also subtracts five points from your score. Later on using High Jump can make it far more convenient to keep up with Pooh.

When Pooh reaches the highest spot where he can gather honey he will stay there for around two minutes, forcing you to sit there idly and hit the next swarm of bees every so often. The mini-game ends when the three-minute time limit expires, or if Sora leaves the area.