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Poison (ポイズン Poizun?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. When inflicted with poison, the target's HP will gradually deplete for a short duration of time.


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Poison is an Basic Magic Command that takes up one slot in the Command Deck, has a maximum level of 4, has a normal reload time of 10 seconds, and fills the Command Gauge by 8%.

Learning Poison

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

  • Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can purchase Poison from the Command Shop for 100 munny once one world is cleared or the command has already been obtained elsewhere.
  • Ventus can find Poison in a chest at the Cottage Clearing.


Melded commands

Poison is used to meld the following commands:

Notes and references

  1. The Spiderchest drops a Poison 40% of the time if the hero has a shop level of 1-3.
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