Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle

Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle is the second compilation album of compositions from the Kingdom Hearts series arranged for solo piano following the first Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts. Unlike the first album which featured mostly character themes and background music, Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle features world themes and battle themes. It was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 and was released on January 13, 2010 in Japan for 2,500 yen.

Track listing

  1. "Scherzo Caprice on a Theme of Never Land" – 3:49
    An arrangement combining "Neverland's Scherzo" and "Daydream upon Neverland" from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
  2. "Sinister Sundown" – 3:16
    An arrangement combining "Sinister Sundown" from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and "Roxas" from Kingdom Hearts II.
  3. "Wonderland's Surprises" – 4:12
    An arrangement combining "Welcome to Wonderland" and "To Our Surprise" from Kingdom Hearts.
  4. "Lazy Afternoons" – 4:10
  5. "Night of Fate" – 4:03
  6. "A Very Small Wish - Monstrous Monstro" – 3:49
  7. "Hollow Bastion" – 3:53
  8. "Medley of Conflict" – 4:19
    An arrangement combining "The Encounter", "Tension Rising", and "Sinister Shadows" from KHII and "The 13th Reflection" from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
  9. "Musique pour la tristesse de Xion" – 5:35
    The title is French for "Music for the Sadness of Xion". An arrangement combining Xion's character and battle themes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It also includes melodies from Kairi and Dearly Beloved.


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