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[[File:Photon Charge BBS.gif|frame|Ventus using Photon Charge in [[Olympus Coliseum]].]]
{{nihongo|'''Photon Charge'''|フォトンチャージ|Foton Chāji}} is a technique that appears in ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]''. The attack consists of cloaking yourself in light and rushing at the targets.
In ''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep'', Photon Charge is a [[Shotlock]] that has a maximum level of 4 and max lock of 15. Once the attack has begin, the player can perform extra attacks by pressing {{button|x}} when prompted to pierce enemies with pillars of light.
==Learning Photon Charge==
===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
*[[Terra]], [[Ventus]], and [[Aqua]] can purchase Photon Charge at the [[Mirage Arena]] Medal Shop for 1600 medals.
*Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can purchase Photon Charge from a bonus panel on the [[Skull Board]].
[[fr:Charge photonique]]
[[Category:Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Shotlock commands]]
[[Category:Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Shotlock commands]]

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