Phoebus is a captain of the guard in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Physical Appearance

Phoebus is depicted mostly with golden armour and blue clothing underneath and a blue cape, and underneath these he wears a white shirt. He also sports neck-long blond hair and a small goatee.



Though Phoebus's origin dates back to 1831 in the novel, Notre-Dame de Paris, where he was given the name "Phoebus de Chateupers" and served as one of the novel's primary villains, this incarnation of the character first appears in the 1996 film adaptation, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where he is drastically changed to a supporting protagonist. In the film, he is summoned to serve as the Captain of Judge Claude Frollo's soldier-like thugs, though his benevolent nature leads him to disapprove of most of Frollo's tyrannical methods, to the point that he claims Sanctuary for Esmeralda when Frollo tries to capture her inside the cathedral. Eventually, when Frollo reaches madness during his manhunt for Esmeralda, Phoebus finally defies him by refusing to burn down the house of an innocent miller, and is shot and left for dead by Frollo's thugs, but rescued by Esmeralda, who hides him in the cathedral, where they confess their love for each other, which creates a rift between himself and Quasimodo, who also loves Esmeralda, although they work together to find the Court of Miracles to warn the gypsies of Frollo's imminent attack. In the film's climactic scenes, Phoebus rallies the gypsies and citizenry to fight back against Frollo's tyranny and leads them into battle, where he is able to defeat several thugs, even some at once, and saves Quasimodo from falling to his death along with Frollo.

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