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# Team Enemies
9 Jungle Vice Powerwild ×4
Soldier ×3
8 Monkey & Magic Powerwild ×1
Green Requiem ×2
Red Nocturne ×2
Yellow Opera ×5
7 Big Feet Hammerlegs ×1
Powerwild ×4
6 Magic Alert Red Nocturne ×5
Yellow Opera ×5
5 Nightwalkers Large Body ×1
Powerwild ×5
4 Hard Hitters Gauntlets ×1
Blue Rhapsody ×3
Shadow ×4
3 Indomitable Large Body ×2
Green Requiem ×6
2 Wild Corps Gauntlets ×1
Hammerlegs ×1
Powerwild ×4
1 Shadow Battalion Armored Torso ×1
Yellow Opera ×4
Blue Rhapsody ×4

The Phil Cup becomes available after sealing the Keyhole at Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. It consists of nine seeds, and does not feature any new enemies, except for individual pieces of the Red Armor enemy. Red Armor is identical to Guard Armor (which it was called in the original game), except that its body parts fight independently of each other. As with the Preliminary Tournament the various seeds feature enemy configurations that are tougher than normal, and often not at all encountered during normal fights.

Other than the Red Armor pieces, the other enemies are Shadows, Soldiers, Powerwilds, Large bodies, and all four magic Heartless (Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem) encountered so far. The 7th seed includes the Hammerlegs, which mainly use large stomping attacks and aerial slams, but also sometimes just idle around. The 4th seed includes the Gauntlets which use a more wide-ranging spin attack, but are also far more fragile.

The 2nd seed features both of them, and the final seed is the Armored Torso, accompanied by a group of Blue Rhapsodies and Yellow Operas. The Torso will entirely rely on its tornado move, which is capable of homing in on targets within the arena. The threat comes from being distracted by the supporting Heartless, while the Torso slams into you. Either Guard or parry its spin attack, then quickly take it out while it is stunned as its damage output is far higher than its HP.

After you clear the cup you receive Gravity, which when cast will summon a dark sphere of energy, flattening enemies. It is somewhat slow, and due to the percentage-based damage is more effective against large enemies with a lot of HP. Bosses are usually very resistant to Gravity. You can also attempt to beat the Phil Cup alone, which requires more control of the crowd to avoid being overwhelmed as Donald and Goofy will not be there as support. Completing it solo will earn you only a Mythril Shard in the original version, whereas Final Mix grants the Combo Plus ability.

You can also attempt the time trial to clear the Cup within three minutes, but this is likely too hard for now. Doing so does reward you with only an AP Up in the original, and a Tech Boost ability in the Final Mix version. Assuming you attempted the Phil Cup after Traverse Town, the next destination is Agrabah (walkthrough).

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